13 Special Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

According to a recent poll, couples who have set their eyes on 2023 for their weddings want something even less “conventional” than in previous years. They want to be married and have a big party to honor their marriage, but they don’t want to go all out. As was the case last year, this year’s generation of engaged couples follows their hearts rather than conventional wisdom when deciding how to celebrate their wedding.

Gardens, farms, barns, and ranches are popular sites for weddings in 2023 because of their bohemian vibe and proximity to nature. This year’s wedding colors will be burgundy, plum, emerald green, gold, and maroon. In addition, many would-be newlyweds choose to do a low-key ceremony and save any grandiose displays of love for the reception that follows. If you are planning a wedding in 2023, here is an overview of some trending ideas.

Private Ceremonies

Many young couples skip the traditional lavish wedding ceremony in favor of an intimate celebration. They hope this will help them feel more comfortable making such a public declaration of love.

Wedding Aisles

With a long aisle, guests are filled with awe and anticipation as they look forward to what is sure to be a breathtaking and memorable ceremony. Modern brides go down the aisle unaccompanied and are joined halfway by their parents for a more vibrant and private wedding.

Grazing Tables

Every wedding party needs a grazing table to wow their guests with a colorful buffet to feast and socialize throughout the reception. Guests may help themselves anytime they choose at a grazing table, and there is no need for a large catering team. They may be served as an appetizer before the main dish at a wedding or in between the ceremony and the reception.

Champagne Towers

The champagne tower trend that began in 2022 is still going strong. This is a popular alternative to the traditional “cake cutting” at wedding receptions and is a big hit with happy couples. This great part of the event produces unique photos that portray the joyous atmosphere more than the bursting bottles and the careless pouring together.

Treats Offered Late at Night

Late-night snacking is here to stay; this year, they’ll take a different approach. Couples’ food preferences are more likely to be influenced by the things they like eating together on dates or when cuddling up to watch a movie at home. As a result, the late-night menu becomes an increasingly important part of the whole dining experience. During wedding receptions, this catering phenomenon forecasts considerable fast food consumption from restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, and local food trucks.

Vegan Dining Options

Including vegan alternatives in weddings has been the norm throughout the years. Even so, more couples will opt for vegan meals because of the creative and delicious options. Furthermore, they want vegan options to be made available for guests.

Big Wedding Cakes

It’s heartening to see a once-loved tradition, like the big wedding cake, making a comeback. So many contemporary couples choose extravagant wedding cakes to complement their great reception sites. A great cake topper is a fun way to put the finishing touch on a big wedding cake.

Wonderful Welcome Receptions

Most couples now choose weekend-long destination weddings that include entertaining guests on Friday and Saturday evenings—bringing guests together for a midday event, whether a traditional field day, a private yacht dinner party or a beach soccer match followed by a delicious lunch, has significantly improved destination wedding weekends. It is an excellent icebreaker for people of any age.

Grace Kelly-Inspired Bridal Fashion

Grace Kelly’s bridal gown continues to inspire women decades after her wedding. Nowadays, most brides want a more conventional wedding gown, and many look to Grace Kelly’s dress for inspiration. The longest veil is another popular design that is gaining popularity.

Bridesmaids Wearing Mismatched Dresses

The days of bridesmaids wearing identical gowns are long gone. Instead, it’s become usual practice for brides to have their bridesmaids wear a selection of dresses that don’t match in design, fabric, or color. This trend provides personalized attention to each bridesmaid, ensuring they get apparel they love.


Today couples demonstrate they are not frightened of color by using it in bold ways in their weddings, such as with patterned textiles, artwork, floral arrangements, and one-of-a-kind décor moments. When they use bright, cheerful tones, the reception mood instantly lifts.

After-Parties Speakeasy inspired

Wedding planners started incorporating this into after-parties to amaze and delight guests while delivering a unique food and drink experience. Secret doors that lead to a private lounge area with a personalized beverage station are a terrific way to break up the evening and get excellent after-party pics. Cocktails such as gin rickey, Tom Collins, mojitos, and Hemingway daiquiris may be on the menu.

Disposable Cameras

The once outdated is now hip. In the past, it was common for newlyweds to present each guest with a disposable camera during their celebration. As of 2023, disposable cameras will have won over engagement couples. As film and photography production prices rise, many couples are switching to giving out disposable cameras to their guests.