11 Modern Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay

According to a recent poll, 2022 will see the highest number of weddings in the United States since 1984. This boom resulted from many cancellations, postponements, and Zoom weddings in the past two years. 

Weddings have returned with more extensive guest lists, destination events, and significant design moments. We are also witnessing couples making everything more intended, concentrating on the guest experience, and spending more money on each to make them feel like they are a special part of the celebration.

Nowadays and forthcoming wedding trends are about fresh ideas to create a theme based on food, beverages, entertainment, or whatever else the couple likes and wants to share with their guests. If you want to learn more about modern-day nuptials, here are some of the wedding trends we’re seeing today and are here to stay.

Goodbye to Tradition

The wedding industry is moving away from standard, formulaic weddings. Modern couples opt for elopements, a reception-only celebration, or an intimate ceremony. The important thing is that they can increasingly put their stamp on their special day. Non-traditional weddings involve unusual places to visit, delicious treats, and spectacular vistas for the most memorable experiences.

Let’s Go Big!

Since couples spent a few years unable to celebrate and had to opt for a micro wedding, nowadays, big weddings are back. Event planners say they see more of everything in modern wedding celebrations. Extras are galore to make each reception a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event: big flower arrangements and over-the-top decor pieces.

Cozy and Beautiful Environments

More intimate weddings can be more exciting to design. Couples who prefer a more intimate celebration, regardless of their guest list size, choose to create private settings and a welcoming atmosphere for their weddings. Setting up comfortable lounge areas, keeping smaller centerpieces while serving family-style dishes, and building little partitioned nooks in an ample space are ways to make an intimate wedding reception.

Destination Weddings

2022 bring officially back the destination weddings. Many couples are traveling out of state or abroad for their marriages, making a whole weekend experience for their guests. A destination wedding is when you invite over family members and friends to a unique destination to enjoy local activities and your wedding reception. Some of the most common activities for this kind of celebration are food or wine tours and sea adventures in their destination location. 

Three-Day Weekend Weddings 

Full wedding weekends are rising among modern couples, extending their scope beyond a simple ceremony and reception. From a welcome party and daytime activities to goodbye brunches, the goal is for you and your guests to have a long weekend of nonstop fun.

When traveling in a three-day wedding trend, couples extend this hospitality to loved ones and guests. Weddings that are full weekend experiences result in an exceptional spirit of gathering, as guests have more opportunities to make memories together.

Less White and More Color

Although there will still be white weddings, guests may notice a marked increase in the use of color from 2022. Many wedding professionals are witnessing a return to bright colors, particularly in floral decor. Mixing and matching bold pinks, purples, reds, and oranges are what couples nowadays choose for their reception decor. 

One-of-a-Kind Experiences for Guests

Modern couples find essential the experiences they wish to provide to their guests. Pop-up performances, gift bag items, and welcome notes are a few things they are doing to promote presence and connection. Ultimately, they wish guests to feel special and appreciated and to leave with memorable memories of your hospitality.


We hope this trend toward sustainability will continue for many years to come. Couples are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment and are taking measures, both large and small, to reduce their impact on it as they plan their weddings. These days, more and more engaged couples are recycling and donating their wedding flowers, so expect to see more dried flowers as part of wedding decor. They are also opting for plastic-free caterers and using online save-the-dates and invitations. 

Fun with Food

Couples and their caterers take cuisine to the next level by adding a sense of fancy to every course, infusing menus with cultural and sentimental dishes. 

Modern weddings add signature mocktails on the drink menu to include guests who don’t drink. Guests also love having a food truck at modern-day weddings, whether for the main meal, cocktail hour, or late-night snacks. 

Adding Themed Parties

An entire concept executed in a way that feels modern and fun is what couples are looking for in a themed party. Rehearsal dinners and welcome parties are all about fun, with themes of fun, humor, and fancy. Some of the most popular can be Old Hollywood, the circus, outdoor bonfires in the woods, masquerades with a point of view, and even a rhinestone rodeo.

Black Tie is Back! 

People are more enthusiastic than ever to get dressed up for events like black-tie weddings. However, a black tie does not necessarily mean wearing the average ball gown and tuxedo. On the contrary, nowadays people are looking for some very fun formal looks. Women can get away with a traditional cocktail dress or even an elegant suit. For men, a dinner suit is fine for black-tie wedding apparel.