12 Useful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

Couples that decide to have a destination wedding expect a much more intimate ceremony and that they can enjoy a wedding and a honeymoon in a two-for-one celebration. However, arranging such an occasion is a big step. Therefore, you must consider some essential details before flying to a foreign land to marry each other. This list of tips can help engaged couples find an unbeatable destination for their big day.

Define a Budget

This is the first step of organizing any wedding, but your budget becomes even more critical when you choose a destination wedding. You will have additional payments, such as travel and hotel fees. Your budget will define where and when you can travel for your destination wedding. Your wedding budget will determine what venue you can afford at your destination, whether an exclusive private villa with gorgeous ocean views or something more subtle, like an all-inclusive resort.

Pick a Location

It could be as simple as the first place you vacationed together, or maybe you have family origins that tie you to a specific world region. Getting married in an area with special meaning for you as a couple can create an authentic personal experience. But if you don’t feel drawn to a specific place, try to rely on your styles and hobbies. Consider how you like to spend your spare time and vacation days so that you may choose a destination that caters to your interests.

Choose Local and Save Big

Wedding planners recommend cutting your budget by including local blooms, like exotic tropical flowers in the tropics. You can also serve local specialties like carnitas in Cabo. This helps to place you accurately in the setting that most move you. You are investing heavily in this location so that you may enjoy everything it has to offer.

Guest Accommodations

When you are having a destination wedding, etiquette does not require you to cover the cost of lodgings. Still, it’s a kind gesture to supply suggestions that meet a range of budgets. To help you negotiate a lower price, you can set up room blocks and consolidate everyone in one vicinity. Also, wait until you set the date to be sure there’s room available for everyone.

Select a Backdrop

Think together about what you will like, whether beachfront, mountains, tropical, or snowy; the climate and scenery you choose for your wedding will inspire the destination for your big day. So, if you have always dreamed about sunshine and waves, list the beaches you love.

Although the Caribbean and Latin America are the most famous hot spots for beach weddings, plenty of unforeseen oceanfront choices exist outside these sites. Hawaii, Florida, California, South Carolina, and Maine have stunning beaches. Going halfway across the globe is unnecessary to enjoy a memorable destination wedding.

Travel in Advance

Seeing your venue once before booking is ideal, and you must visit again three to four months before the reception to finalize details. But if this second trip is not possible, make sure to arrive five days early to make decisions and have makeup and hair rehearsals.

Review Your Guest List

Knowing how many guests you must accommodate in a venue can make easier picking a destination. For example, large weddings need considerable space and extra vendor help. On the other hand, if you want an intimate celebration, you will more easily plan your party with your budget just about anywhere.

Activities in Your Destination

Guests always feel happy when they are invited to a wedding destination in a place that offers many fun and exciting things to do. So, whether it is a tropical wedding with beach access and water adventures or a wine lover’s weekend in California, if you choose a lesser-known location, make sure there’s something your guests can enjoy after your celebration.

Meet Your Vendors

Meet with your location’s most well-known florists and rental firms before your initial site visit. You may get recommendations from your venue. They are constantly aware of local talent that you need to be made aware of. If you bring in professionals from home, expect to pay for their airfare and housing. A secure hotel within 30 minutes of your wedding location is essential.

Select a Proper Dress

When dress shopping for your destination wedding, you must consider the climate and terrain. Breathable fabrics are the best choice for hot and humid locations, while dresses made from heavy materials are more suited for milder conditions.

Find a Professional Planner

Several coordinators specialize in destination weddings. When planning a destination wedding, you will need help to arrange all the details so you and your guests can arrive at a stress-free celebration. Of course, a professional will take care of it all for you. But you can find a resort with an on-site coordinator if your budget covers something other than a planner.

Give Welcome Bags

You must show some hospitality once your guests arrive by giving them welcome bags with souvenirs of the area or conveniences for their stay. Things like aspirin, maps, and snacks are great complements. Sunscreen is an excellent addition for a wedding in a warm climate, while hot cocoa mixes and mittens are great for a winter wedding in the mountains.