Dubai holidays tips

With amazing shopping malls, stylish restaurants and luxury boutiques, Dubai is an international oasis that appeals to entrepreneurs, relaxation lovers and adventures alike. Whether you are going to Dubai on a business trip or a personal vacation with

With cheap Dubai tour packages, there are lots of chances for discovery. It is a city where you can travel and enjoy with a half-empty wallet or end up spending more than what your home is value and still fall short.

Here are some of the best things to do in Dubai and Dubai holiday tips:

Do not travel during peak season

The key visitor season in Dubai comes during Easter, New Year’s Eve, Chinese Year, Dubai shopping festival and Diwali. Try to reject going there during those as prices for visitor’s sky rock during these festivals. If you are on a budget then the top time to visit Dubai for cheap holiday, should be October, February and right after East.

Do not fall sick

Shocked? In Dubai, health care is private and extremely costly. Ensure that you have valid travel insurance when you go there, if you fall sick after munching on a seedy looking falafel, you can kiss goodbye to that tour as you will playing boatloads to the doctors. Stay at budget hotels If you have a friend in Dubai then it is no brainer, reject booking hotels and stay over at their place. If you are like most other people then head to travel sites to find amazing hotel deals. Some truly best lodgings with amazing customer services regularly provide deals mainly during low season to attract customers hence it is best to bookmark the website Dubai hotels page and check it regularly for fresh offers with rooms priced at just AED 77 at night.

Do not convert money at the airport.

Reject going to those money exchanges firms at the airport. Take Dirhams from your country and covert the rest at money exchanges downtown which will provide you excellent rate.

Ride the Abra

Pay only just 1 Dirham and enjoy a best ride on an Abra which is a traditional water taxi that Dubai folks use to travel from Bur Dubai and Dubai Creek to Deira on the opposite side. These ornately carved wooden boats are a quite crowded but the route on which they travel is remarkable as it provides a best sight of the city. Soon you may be able to book air taxi in Dubai and travel fast and cheap by air in Dubai and any city of UAE.