Interior Design Trends in 2022 By LuxLaden

Jaipur, Rajasthan Jan 1, 2022 ( – With the rolling down of the year, it is exciting to pick the favourite interior designer to predict home decor trends to help you set your home. Seeing the back trend of 2021, the effort was made on making it a combo of style and comfort as most of the time was spent at home. But what is now for 2022? Seeing the allured trends of talented designers we have uncovered the top home interior trends for 2022. We have listed all for you from color palettes to furniture choices. 

For all those who want to create an all-now makeover this year, you will surely get inspired with “Interior Design Trends in 2022 By LuxLaden“. 

The core emphasis for trends in 2022 is laid on – 

– Biophilic Design

– Sustainability of Everything

– Mindful Spaces to bring about the deeper and scattered awareness of spaces.

– 1970’s Decor Inspiration – Those mid-century decor and color are back.

– Home workroom embedded with high-speed wifi, interactive smartboards & plenty of plug-in outlets.

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