Sambhde Gujarat starts from Aravalli District

Ahmedabad, Gujarat Jan 1, 2022 ( – According to the latest report of WHO (, nearly 2.5 billion or 1 in 4 people will be living with some degree of hearing loss by the year 2050. Another key finding of WHO reports suggests that at least 1 billion young adults are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices. It has also been predicted that at least 700 million people will require access to some kind of hearing care system or rehabilitation practices unless preventive measures are taken. Moreover, the risk of hearing loss has only increased due to a surge in corona virus and lockdowns, as the audio consumption has increased for professionals working from home and students attending schools online.

With the rise in unsafe listening practices such as high bass music, binge-watching, attending work calls and online meetings for a prolonged duration, and stringencies imposed due to the pandemic, there is an urgent need to bring in preventive methods like ear health-friendly audio devices.

However, in order to check this situation, the efforts to introduce ear health-friendly audio devices have already begun. A young innovator and CEO of WeHear Innovations Pvt Ltd., Kanishka Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has already taken up the mantle to develop audio care devices that work on Bone Conduction Technology. The audio care devices like WeHear Ear+ and WeHear OX, developed by Kanishka and his team not only help people suffering from hearing loss, but also help in preventing any unsafe listening practices. So far Kanishka’s vision to make the people of Gujarat adopt safe listening practices and empower people with hearing impairments has received immense support from Indian Red Cross Society Modasa and Ahmedabad. Additionally, ‘Friends of Aravalli’ a group of intellectual individuals who are dedicated to the growth of the Aravalli district have also supported his vision.

Project ‘Sambhde Aravalli’

This year on the 21st of October, under the project ‘Sambhde Aravalli’ launched by Indian Red Cross Society Ahmedabad in association with WeHear and ‘Friends of Aravalli’, Kanishka and the entire team of WeHear reached a major milestone. Under this project, thirty children suffering from severe hearing loss were tested, out of which twenty-five children were able to hear with the help of ‘WeHear Ear+’ hearing aids. Under the same project, a device donation camp was also organised, under which until now, twenty-five devices have been donated to these children.

‘Sambhde Aravalli’ which was attended by more than a hundred people, was graced by esteemed guests of honour, Dr Narender Kumar Meena, IAS (Collector, Aravalli district), Shri Sanjay Kharat, IPS (SP, Modasa), Dr Vishvas Amin (Director, IRCS – Ahmedabad), and Shri Bharat Parmar (Chairman, IRCS – Aravalli). It also received immense support from Ms Shweta Tiotia, district development officer who helped us in finding the beneficiaries of WeHear Ear+ hearing aids and organising the hearing test camp for children.

Recently on the 20th of December, the second phase of project Sambhde Aravalli was carried out by Indian Red Cross Society Modasa and Ahmedabad in association with Friends of Aravalli and

WeHear. The event was held at Umiya Mata temple, Ahmedabad and was graced by the presence of several eminent personalities. Under this phase, ten previously identified children suffering from hearing loss were tested and 18 children were provided with the ‘WeHear Ear+’ Hearing Aids.

 The success of the project Sambhde Aravalli has given the entire team of WeHear a great sense of satisfaction. Through the donation of WeHear Ear+ Hearing Aids, several children suffering from hearing loss have been empowered to communicate effectively. Moreover, it has given Kanishka and his team members great confidence and courage to take bigger steps and carry out awareness campaigns against unsafe hearing practices and introduce safe hearing practices in every district of Gujarat.


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