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Barkah, al-Batinah Jan 1, 2022 ( – Sabeer Sabhi (born May 27, 1996) is an exceptionally talented young Indian entrepreneur in Digital Marketing. He works as a social media expert. He works with celebrities and several firms. He has achieved success through his hard work and dedication. He personally gets to know a lot of celebrities and aides them in the field of digital media marketing.

When asked about his experience while working as a social media expert, Sabeer Sabhi

“Each time I help a celebrity to get their profile verified, they support me by giving shout-outs among their followers. This helps me become recognizable among the celebrity fan base. Similarly, this also aids me in socializing among celebrities.”

He has strengthened his professional life through his efforts and innovative strategies.

Sabeer stated the importance of social media in establishing brand popularity. While sharing his experiences Sabeer explained the importance of social media for brand building.

According to him, the effective use of social media becomes an integral part of establishing the business and its potential growth. Brand awareness involves the creation of content that will drag users’ attention, generate leads, increase brand visibility and make a strong follower base. He manages several celebrity accounts.

He helps get good exposure on social media accounts in a more effective way. He draws up strategies for each client putting in his innovative and creative ideas. He also curates a campaign to help them reach the set target and solve their social media problems. His works make him popular both in India as well as overseas.

Social Media Marketing is now considered a popular tool for the promotion of business among marketers, startups, and celebrities. This becomes an important driving force to optimize their online presence and increase their sales. In the present internet revolutionizing the world, this becomes a very necessary part to publicize and expand several businesses and startups.

Sabeer believes that a good social media marketing strategy helps in establishing a brand, creating awareness, and generating leads for good business opportunities. Now, this has become a full-fledged professional option as well. There is a vast need for expertise in this field

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