Ladies’ Fashion Picks For Christmas 2022 

With all the Christmas and New Years events and parties coming up, ladies everywhere are rummaging through their wardrobes trying to find that special outfit. It might be difficult to know what the best styles and garments will be in style this Christmas. People might want to splash out on a great outfit this Christmas- especially considering the last two festive periods have been limited due to the pandemic. These fashionable picks will make you stand out from the rest at that party you’ve been looking forward to.

Edgy 90s

One of the biggest trends that have returned to the fashion runways this winter is edgy 90s style. Lots of leather and dark colours have emerged onto the style scene recently. Incorporating this into your look for your festivities this year will make you look edgy and fashionable this season.

Plain Leather Bags
This fashion staple is back in fashion this festive season. Have a look around for a nice, well made leather bag. Timeless and stylish, you can bring a bit of class to your outfit this festive season.

Leather Jackets
While also keeping you warm this winter period, stylish leather jackets are back in fashion. While they are always a fashion staple, they are particularly in vogue this Christmas time. If you want to add a bit of biker edge to your Christmas party dress, consider getting an oversized leather jacket.

Heavy Boots
Great for walking in the snow, a pair of heavy boots are back in style. Going well with almost anything, such as trousers, skirts, dresses and tights, investing in a pair of these is always a smart decision. These trusty fashion staples keep your feet warm and bring a bit of 90s grunge to your festive outfits.

Little Black Dresses
Coco Chanel coined the term ‘little black dress’ in the 1920s. Over a hundred years later, these dresses always make you look stylish, sophisticated, and on trend. Popular throughout history, but especially in the 90s, you can never go wrong with an LBD. Paired with the right accessories you can turn heads at festive parties this Christmas. Have a look for little black dresses for a timeless and extremely fashionable look.

Bright Colours/Statement Prints
One of the most fashionable trends this Christmas 2022 will be bright colours and statement prints. Standing out in a crowd is the goal for this fashion trend. If you like to dress flashy and stand out in a crowd, take advantage of this trend and buy yourself some of these items to really wow people at that upcoming party.

Fur Coats
Faux fur coats will always turn heads. While also being incredibly warm, these dynamic coats make women stand out. Buying a faux fur coat in a statement print or bright colour, like red or green, can make you really look fantastic. If you’re looking for a piece to wear to all of your occasions, from your wedding guest outfits to Christmas parties. Making an investment in a nice coat such as this can make you look timelessly stylish.

Silk Dresses
Silk wrap and strappy dresses are a timeless piece, and will always look stylish on women. Buying a silk dress in a bright colour or statement print (like zebra print) can update this timeless look and make you stand out amongst the festivities this year. Pair with plain shoes, and statement earrings for a dynamic look.

Statement Shoes
If you’re a bit of a shoe fanatic, you’ll be happy to hear this! Statement shoes are back. This Christmas break out a pair of wacky, statement print heels to stand out when socialising this festive period. Heels aren’t the only thing still in style-statement print sneakers are back too.

Boho Chic

With the recent push for sustainable fashion, boho hippie chic has come back into style. If you like vintage fashion and thrifting, wear some of these to bring boho and snow together.

Long Skirts
A great way to keep your legs warm during the winter chill, these are a great way to look more hippie at Christmas. Pair with a nice jumper to bring some boho chic into your festivities, and bring a bit of current style to your festive outfits.

Heavy Jewellery
Have a look into getting some heavy jewellery and layering it to give a lot of texture to your Christmas outfits. This is a great way to look stylish and boho at the same time, and be in trend at your parties this winter.

Fringed Knee-High Boots
Boots are a great way to keep your toes and legs warm in winter, while also giving your outfit a bit of Woodstock flair. This is a great way to embrace the winter seasons while looking chic all at once.

When you next go shopping for Christmas 2022 outfits, keeping these in mind will help you stay in style at this festive season.