Make the Most of a Rainy Day with these Activities

board games

We’re usually telling the rain to go away and come again another day, but everyone knows that the good old British weather rarely listens to such requests, especially at this time of year. 

Nevertheless, a drizzly day should never stop you and the kids from having some fun. So, whether you’re staying indoors or venturing outside, here’s some inspiration on what you can get up to when it’s raining. 

  • Welly walking

Who can resist making a game out of counting how many puddles they can splash in? Grab your wellingtons, add a kids umbrella to keep their heads dry and take a wander in the countryside. Don’t be afraid to channel your inner child and frolic like no one is watching. 

When you return, it’s time for a nice bath, cuddles under blankets, and delicious hot chocolates to warm you up in no time.

  • Wildlife spotting 

Unlike us, some animals are known to prefer rainy weather, such as frogs, ducks, and snails. Getting outdoors and seeing how many you can spot is a great way of enjoying the rain as much as they do! Taking time to appreciate wildlife is also enriching for your mental health and can help to boost your mood – just what you need on those gloomy days. 

You can also take a notepad and pencils so your kids can write down or sketch what they’ve seen, whether that’s wildlife, trees, flowers, or even mushrooms (which are also known to thrive in damp conditions).

  • Rainbow hunting 

If the sun is shining, there’s a good chance that during or after a shower, you’ll be able to spot a rainbow or two. This is because when light passes through water droplets in the air, it refracts into different colours. 

Go on a walk and see if you and the little ones can spot any – find the best view and take a camera so you can capture one of nature’s most colourful displays. 

  • Mud kitchen 

Undeniably messy and great fun, take advantage of the wet weather by letting your children create culinary masterpieces of the muddy kind in your back garden. Mix up your mud in a bowl, take some tins or cookie cutters out of the kitchen (if you don’t mind using them) and see what they can come up with. 

Just make sure to keep your kids covered head-to-toe to save you the pain of trying to get all the mud out of their clothes later.

  • Back garden camping 

Sometimes, you may want to stay a little closer to home rather than going on a day trip in the rain, which is the perfect opportunity to do a little back garden camping. 

Build your tent and fill it with cushions and blankets for extra comfort and warmth. Then you can make a picnic, take a flask of hot chocolate, and enjoy while you listen to the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the tent.

If it’s not too cold, you could even turn this into an overnight stay and let your little ones pack a bag for the trip. 

If it’s pouring buckets or blowing a gale – no matter how many layers, puddle suits, raincoats, and wellies you wear, sometimes, going outdoors is just too much to handle. In that case, here are a few ideas for fun activities to do whilst sheltering from the weather indoors. 

  • Indoor attractions 

Aquariums, museums, art galleries… There are countless places you can choose from depending on whether you’ll be going with children or by yourself. 

For younger kids, the endless slides and ball pits in soft play areas will allow them to burn off all their energy without having to brave the weather. Older kids and adults, on the other hand, might be more interested in more adventurous activities, such as indoor climbing and escape rooms, that test their brain power.

  • Baking 

Baking is another great activity that the whole family can join in on regardless of age. It’s a chance for everyone to try something new, get creative, and learn new skills, whether you’re baking pies, biscuits, cakes, bread, pastries or whatever takes your fancy.

When you’re done, you’ll have some mouth-watering sweet treats to enjoy together, along with the delightful smell of freshly baked goods filling your home for the rest of the afternoon. 

Alternatively, you could try making playdough or slime instead. 

  • Pillow fort 

An oldie but a goodie. Building a pillow fort will keep kids entertained for hours and can also be the perfect venue for hosting a movie night (or afternoon). 

All you need is all the pillows and cushions you can find and some sheets from your cupboard to start building a cosy hideaway. 

  • Arts and crafts 

When it comes to arts and crafts, the only limit is your imagination. You could practice your painting skills with a family portrait, draw an outdoor scene where the sun is shining or take on a new craft that you haven’t tried before.

You don’t need to have all the supplies on hand to get crafty on rainy days, either. Use toilet paper rolls to create animals or odd socks to create puppets and help your kids design and build a miniature theatre out of a cereal box to put on a show – there’s so much you can do with whatever you can find lying around.

  • Boardgames 

Whether you’re trying to avoid getting caught in Mouse Trap, holding as still as possible in a game of Operation – board games or table-top games are perfect for indoor play days. 

You could even encourage your kids to create their own game by making the board, the cards, playing pieces made from objects, and, of course, a set of rules. You can then take turns playing each other’s games. 

Whether you’re trying to keep the kids from climbing the walls, letting your own inner child run wild, or simply wanting to make the most of a day to yourself, there’s no better time than the present. So, explore the world outside, get creative in your home, and don’t ever let a little bit of rain get in your way.