Limited-edition sneakers are hard to get a hold of at the best of times. You could be queuing for hours to get your hands on the best kicks, or spending hours waiting by your laptop for the latest release. Rare sneakers have become a fashion staple, particularly in streetwear. For many sneakerheads, the thrill is in the chase- they like to hunt for the rarest and best designer trainers. However, some sneakers are almost impossible to obtain. Here are some of the rarest sneakers in the world:

  1. Nike SB Dunk Low “Freddy Krueger”

As Halloween approaches, this rare sneaker will only become more sought after. In 2007, Nike SB planned to release Halloween themed sneakers, however most were destroyed after a cease and desist put in place by New Line Cinema. The design was based on Freddy Kreuger’s iconic jumper in Nightmare on Elm Street. Because so few exist, they are one of the rarest sneakers in existence. 

  1. Air Jordan 1 High OG “Colette”

            Colette was one of the most iconic department stores in Paris, before it shut its doors in 2017. Before they closed however, they teamed up with Air Jordan to create a commemorative shoe to remember how iconic the store was to sneakerheads. They were never officially sold and gifted to employees and friends of the store, so they are very rare. 

  1. Playstation x Nike Air Force 1

Coming up to Christmas in 2006, Sony was preparing to launch the Playstation 3. To promote the console, Sony and Nike teamed up to release 150 pairs of F&F only Playstation AF1’s. Most of the pairs were gifted to Sony employees, however a pair were gifted famously to Kobe Bryant. These are extremely rare and have been known to fetch a lot of interest when they appear on the market. 

Rare sneakers are highly sought after, and for sneakerheads, buying the rarest pair you can find is highly enjoyable and fun. However, a lot of people find that the hunt for rare sneakers can be a difficult one. Luckily, sneakerheads in Manchester are spoilt for choice. The most iconic and rare sneakers are not far away with these businesses, allowing sneaker fans to get their fix. 

  1. Black Sheep Store

Based in the Northern Quarter, this skate shop sells many brands including Nike, Adidas and Vans. An independent shop that focuses on skate gear and skate sneakers, this is an ideal place for sneakerheads to have a look around and try on some rare kicks. 

  1. Crepslocker

Crepslocker has one of the largest selections of rare and designer trainers in Manchester. With both a website and a physical store, they have a treasure trove of rare shoes for sneaker fans to explore. They are one of the top brands selling rare sneakers in Manchester right now. 

  1. KershKicks

            Based in both Manchester and Glasgow, KershKicks has a large selection of original sneakers, available both online and in stores across the UK. They have stores dotted across the country- if you’re a sneakerhead, definitely check them out. 

  1. Originkicks

Based in the Royal Exchange Theatre, originkicks has a wide selection of luxury sneakers for fans to geek over. They also can deliver the freshest kicks straight to your door. 

  1. Sneaker63

Sneaker63 is made up of collectors and connoisseurs in order to deliver a highly specialised collection of rare sneakers for hunters to look through. Find them on Faulkner Street. 

Manchester has one of the most iconic streetwear fashion scenes in the whole of the UK. Update your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd by shopping at one of these shops.