Register Your Mobile In Social Security Database To Carry Out Procedures Via SMS

Although the usual trend in Social Security is to prioritize the completion of online procedures with methods such as the digital certificate or Cl @ ve PIN, the organization has provided in parallel a growing range of services that can be done through mobile phones, via SMS.

The only condition to be able to do them is that our mobile phone is registered in the Social Security database , since to carry out these procedures (related pensions, download reports, self-employed services, other benefits … up to 58 in total ) a code is sent to said telephone which must then be entered in the section indicated by the system.

Thus, if the database does not have a telephone number in your name or has a different one than the one you currently have, the code will not arrive and, therefore, the procedure cannot be done through this route. In this way, it is convenient to register the telephone number in advance to avoid problems.

To do this, you must use the Social Security platform ‘We Help You’ , which you can get this form in which you must request the registration of your mobile phone in the agency’s database and thus be able to carry out the procedures via SMS.

In the form you must provide your personal data. Here are included name and surname, ID, postal code and email, in addition to indicating the telephone number to be registered and a document proving possession of said mobile telephone.

Then, you must indicate the reason for the communication with the Social Security (it will be the registration of the telephone number in the database) and choose the province of residence. Finally, select the option ‘ Citizen / Worker ‘, and within it the category ‘ Communication and data variation / Address ‘.

Finally, you will have to answer a security question that the system asks you. If you do it successfully and all the information is correct, you will have registered the phone in the Social Security database.