Administration Has Already Bought 25% Of Parc Sagunt II With 20 Million Euros

The Administration has already bought 25% of Parc Sagunt II with 20 million euros. The Generalitat Valenciana and the central government through Sepi Desarrollo Empresarial have approved to transform the company Parc Sagunt, which was in charge of promoting this business park, into a new public company aimed at developing industrial land in other municipalities of the Valencian Community.

The company is renamed Espais Econòmics Empresarials and will continue to be 50% owned by the Generalitat and the State Administration.

In addition, the firm will continue with the development of the second phase of Parc Sagunt, a space even larger than that developed in the first phase and of which 95% has been marketed with companies such as Mercadona and the packaging manufacturer Crown among its occupants. .

25% of the soil
This second phase covers six million square meters. Espais Econòmics Empresarials has already purchased 25% of the land directly from the owners, more than 1.3 million meters, with an investment of 20 million euros.

The intention, as explained by president Ximo Puig himself after the company’s board of directors, is that in March 2022 100% of the planned land has been acquired and to be able to begin the subdivision and commercialization in what he has described as “a process ‘express’ “.

According to Puig, according to the market surveys carried out, the demand of companies for this land would exceed six million square meters.