Wages Of Domestic Employees Should Be Updated To The New SMI

The Government has given the green light to the increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, with effect from this September. The SMI increases from 950 to 965 euros per month and will make those people who receive this amount see their salaries updated, including employees and domestic workers.

As reported by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations in its information profile on the social network Twitter , citizens who have hired a domestic employee have a tool to update their salary and that will help them in case of having to proceed by raising the Minimum Interprofessional Salary.

It can be done through Import @ ss, the Social Security online procedures portal that has a special section for employees and domestic workers in which the employer has the possibility of updating the salary of its workers, through the service ‘ Modification of labor data in household employment ‘, available at this link .

As explained by the Social Security, this tool allows modifying the salary of the worker who has been hired, as well as other labor data such as the type of contract or the type of working day, as well as possible errors in the communication of the registration of the worker who must be remedied.

The person in charge of carrying out this procedure must always be the person (or a duly authorized attorney-in-fact) in charge at the time of registering the worker. To do this, you have a period of three calendar days from the date of change, although, “exceptionally” , you can request the change of data until the 3rd of the following month .

For the case at hand, this means that, due to the retroactive nature of the measure (which updates the salary from September 1), the citizen with domestic employees in their charge must update, at most, their salary on October 3.

Citizens who have to update the salary of their employees and domestic workers can do so by accessing a digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps ), Cl @ ve PIN , username + password and via SMS, although in this case the mobile phone It must be registered in the Social Security database (you can do it by following the steps detailed here ).