Notice Of The Social Security To Those Who Want Real Estate Opportunities

The notice of the Social Security to those who want “real estate opportunities”: this is how they auction their properties. The institution periodically auctions the properties in its possession. It has an information service about the auctions that are carried out.

The normal thing is to think of Social Security as an institution in charge of managing everything related to pensions and other types of benefits. However, it has in its possession certain assets derived from the collection of debts to which it is gradually discharging.

Among these possessions are certain properties that are put up for sale through an auction service to which any interested citizen can subscribe to be informed. In fact, the organism, through its account of attention to the citizenship in the social network Twitter , has distributed a notice for those “interested in real estate opportunities”.

To do this, they must subscribe to the property sale information service on the Social Security website. It can be done by telematic means, either by digital certificate (it can be obtained in four simple steps ), Cl @ ve PIN or username + password.

As the Social Security explains on its website , the citizen will be asked to fill out a form in which their personal data will appear, the types of properties that interest them and the city or province in which they wish to search. Thus, each time an auction that meets these requirements is announced in the Official State Gazette (BOE), the necessary information will be sent to you in the chosen method.

This is the Social Security search engine
If, on the other hand, the citizen wants to know first-hand what type of real estate (and other properties) are subject to upcoming auctions in all regions of the country, they can access the auction page, available at this link .

Whether it is homes and premises, country estates, plots, unique buildings and other properties, in any of these categories (or a sum of all or several of them) you can search for properties in possession of Social Security. The system will break them down by autonomous communities and provinces so that the citizen can consult individually.

In addition, the website of the Social Security allows you to search for properties already awarded and auctions called but still to be held. Other ways to go diving in this particular catalog of properties.