When visiting Venice….Must See Sights of the Floating City

visiting Venice for the first time

Venice, Italy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its canals and gondolas. It’s also known as the floating city because it is constantly moving due to the flow of the canals. And if you’re planning on visiting Venice, make sure to check out some of its must see sights!

What to wear

When visiting Venice, make sure to dress in layers so that you can adjust to the changing temperature. The city can be quite cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Chilly breezes sweep through the canals at night, so bring a warm coat or scarf if you are traveling during colder months. And don’t forget your sunglasses!

Venice is known for its beautiful architecture and stunningly designed streets and bridges. If you have time, take a walk around St. Mark’s Square or wander down into the narrow alleyways of Cannaregio. But be warned- this is not a place for tourists who are looking for a quick stop on their way from one sight to another. Take your time, savor the sights, and you’ll find that Venice really does become a part of your heart.

Tips for walking around Venice

If you’re visiting Venice for the first time, be sure to take a walk around the city’s canals. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they make for great walking routes. Here are four tips for walking around Venice:

  1. Start at the Rialto Bridge and walk down the Grand Canal towards the Accademia Gallery.
  2. Walk along the canal bank towards San Marco Square and St Mark’s Basilica.
  3. Take a walk up Campo San Giorgio Maggiore and contemplate the splendid views of Venice and its lagoon from atop Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
  4. If you have time, wander further afield and explore some of the quieter backstreets in Venice such as Cannaregio, Santa Croce and Dorsoduro.

The best time of day to visit Venice

When visiting Venice, it is important to know that the best time of day to visit is during the morning or early afternoon. During these times, the city is not as crowded and there are less tourists around. Additionally, this is when the sun is shining and the temperature is mild.

What to see in Venice

If you’re visiting Venice during the summer, make sure to check out the sights from the water. Some of the most famous sights in Venice can only be seen from a boat or from the water’s edge. Here are five of the best:

  1. La Serenissima Castle
  2. St Mark’s Basilica
  3. Piazza San Marco
  4. Rialto Bridge
  5. Grand Canal

How to get around Venice

Venice can be a daunting city to explore on your own, but with some basic knowledge of the layout of the city and some helpful tips from locals, you’ll be able to navigate your way around with ease. Here are a few tips for getting around Venice:

-When in Venice, always take the “water taxi.” These boats shuttle passengers around the canals at a cost of about €7 per person.
-Another great way to see Venice is by foot. The city is small enough that walking is usually not too difficult. However, if you’re feeling ambitious, there are also several buses that can take you all around town.
-If you want to see more than just the typical sights in Venice, consider booking a private tour. These tours provide an insider’s view of Venice’s hidden corners and attractions and can be a lot of fun.

Where to eat in Venice

Venice is known for its delicious food and there are so many great places to eat that it can be hard to decide where to start. Here are some of our favourites:

-Gelateria La Casetta: This gelateria has a wide variety of flavours, from the traditional pistachio to the more unusual fig and honeycomb. It’s a great place to get a sweet snack or to take away with you on a summer day.

Caffè Florian: This café is located in Piazza San Marco and it’s one of the most popular spots in all of Venice. The coffee is excellent and, if you’re lucky, you might catch a performance by one of the resident street performers.

-Trattoria Da Michele: This restaurant is located close to Ponte dei Sospiri and it’s well worth the trip. The food here is amazing, whether you opt for the traditional dishes like lasagna or seafood risotto, or something a little more adventurous like grilled octopus with lemon and capers.

What to buy in Venice

When visiting Venice, don’t forget to buy some of the city’s famed souvenirs. The best place to start is the Rialto market, which is filled with local products and crafts. From here, you can also find unique jewelry, handbags, and paintings. Another great spot to browse for souvenirs is the Ghetto Market, which is located near the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. It’s a great place to find unique Italian snacks and beverages. And finally, if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, head to the Merceria Market, where you’ll find leather goods and other high-end items.


If you’re ever in the mood for a scenic journey, look no further than Venice. The city is filled with canals and waterways that snake through its narrow streets, giving visitors an opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of this historic city. If you’re only able to visit one place on your trip to Italy, make it Venice!

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