Ryanair Will Hire More Than 2000 New Pilots And More Personnel

After the crisis that the coronavirus has caused for airlines, the outlook seems to be starting to clear. Some of the so-called ‘low-cost’ Europeans such as Ryanair, EasyJet or Wizz have begun to buy planes to renew their fleet, taking advantage of these months of hiatus. And after that, it is expected that job offers will also return, as confirmed by Ryanair.

The Irish airline has announced a hiring campaign of 2,000 new pilots to man the planes that will be delivered in the next 3 years.

Ryanair has already received its first Boeing 737-8200 Gamechanger aircraft, which will help cut costs, lower fuel consumption and limit noise and CO2 emissions.

Ryanair offers its pilots shifts of five days of work and four days of rest. As part of Ryanair’s career development initiatives, most of the captain vacancies created by these new aircraft deliveries will be filled through internal promotions, creating opportunities for replacement First Officers and ultimately new ones. Cadet pilots who can start their career with Ryanair in the recruitment that will now start, they explain from the airline.

In addition to pilot training, Ryanair’s in-house training courses will take place throughout 2021 with a view to being ready for the summer of 2022 and will cover positions across Europe. Ryanair has partnered with the Dublin Airline Flight Academy to deliver training courses on Boeing 737s as part of this recruitment drive.

This contract is in addition to others that Ryanair already has open in Spain , where it is expanding its presence. For example, in its new hangar in Seville, 200 new jobs were offered just a few months ago.

How to send the CV to Ryanair
Interested pilots should consult the information and sign up for the selection process through this link on the company’s website .

For those interested in office positions, hostess / a or logistics, they should go to this other section.

In it, a search engine is displayed in which you can filter by location and job title. Currently, the search in Spain shows 62 vacancies.

To send our curriculum we must register on their website and send a motivation letter along with our CV. After that, the website itself will ask us a series of questions about availability and experience.

It is important to emphasize that Ryanair does not receive resumes by other means, so it discards ads that you can see on social networks or email as they could be a scam. It is unfortunate that Ryan Air has not extended its route to Dubai yet. Certainly at this time of year the Dubai weather in december is the best, so this would be a really great extra airline to start flying here to help with the demand at this time of year.