Best Places to do Desert Night Camping

desert night camping

Desert Camping is one of a lifetime kind of an experience. When desert camping comes to mind, then the first amazing destination to get the wonderful feeling of desert camping is Dubai. One cannot miss another popular amazing destination that is Oman which is also a Desert Safari in the Arabian Desert and to enjoy the Arabian Night experience.

A two hour drive away from Muscat, we can find the Desert Nights Camp in Oman, to explore the Arabian Desert and Arabian Nights to the fullest. The wonders of nature are symbolized by the spectacular rugged mountains in the distance, the vast expanse of sand dunes and not to forget the crystalline surfaces. We can find the large camps and the Be Quiet enjoy staying up in Bedouin style tents and also the finest boutique hotels along with some excellent travel packages and itineraries. The sands are so silky and smooth that one can get a feel of it if one walks by the desert by the campsites.

Get to enjoy the brilliant view of the sunset and a unique camel ride experience. Explore the ATV or 4*4 drives and moto bike rides and a day long of bashing on the dunes. Enjoy the magical nights and get to capture the star studded night sky worthy to keep watching over!!! Get to experience the luxury and comfort  in the luxurious abode of the Arabian Desert and enjoy the wonderful Omani cuisine style.

We have come up with some unique and secluded desert campsites from Dubai. The ideal time to travel to Dubai as well as enjoy desert safari is in the mid November to early December, even early March is quite good. Desert Camping is quite similar to vacay and is enjoyed throughout from March to September. Let us check out some famous campsites from Dubai

Fossil Rock, Sharjah

One of the best desert camping sites in Dubai is the Fossil Rock which is located in Sharjah. It is one of the popular hangout destinations for the camping enthusiasts. It ‘s most suitable for the large groups and is surrounded by the wavy sand dunes. It’s one of the best desert sites for camping in Dubai and a popular hangout spot for camping enthusiasts.It’s a very convenient way to travel from Dubai to Sharjah and quite a good choice to escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Dubai.

Most suitable for all adventure seekers as you go bashing about the dunes and off-roading in a 4×4 ride. One needs to make sure to take a visit to The Camel Rock.  One can enjoy the famous water sports activities in Sharjah as a part of your vacay.

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Bedouin Camp

Get to experience the Arabian Desert by staying at the Bedouin camp, known for its desert-dwelling group, and definitely will get to experience the luxurious desert camping in Dubai.  It is located miles away from any human settlement  and is surrounded by sand dunes on all sides.

One can enjoy many activities such as belly dance performances, learn the Bedouin culture, traditions and customs, enjoy a scrumptious barbeque dinner, the exciting camel rides and an exhilarating experience of sandboarding.One of the most beautiful desert camping sites in Dubai where you can visit with your family and friends.

Jebel Al Jais

The tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates which is located in Ras Al Khaimah is Jebel Al Jais.  Also known as  “Grand Canyon of Oman” owing to the breathtaking scenic views. An amazing destination from where you can admire the canyon of mountains and get to enjoy the spectacular views. A must visit for All photographers and photography lovers for capturing the wonderful views and to make golden memories. As the climb is very easy and the trail of the hike is relatively gentle and easy to climb. Therefore, Jebel Al Jais is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Every morning, it’s worth it to get to enjoy the beautiful campsites and the vast valleys and large mountains. A suitable location for the  ones who like to lay under the starry night sky and enjoy every moment with their travel mates.

India, our motherland, where there’s a slogan- “The Guest is God” is a wonderful place for tourism, where even the foreigners or the tourists from all across the world love to visit. Desert camping has also become a trend in India as the Thar desert in Rajasthan gives a wonderful experience and one gets to enjoy the wonders of the desert.

Popularly known as “The Land of the Maharajas”, Rajasthan has the vast expanse of Thar Desert with all its delicious cuisine and rich culture and heritage.The calm ambience of the places and enjoying the wonders of the desert with the rolling sand dunes and the diamond like starry sky adds u to the beauty of the experience. One will love and enjoy spending the night in the wonderful campsites found here. So, to turn your desert night fantasy into reality, we have listed down few of the top picks of the desert camps in Rajasthan:

Sand Voyages Camp

Set back amidst the roads that connect Jaisalmar to Sam Sand Dunes, Sand Voyages Camp is  located near a place called  Kanoi, the itinerary of this campsite offers some adventurous activities such as camel rides and Jeep safaris in the rolling sand  dunes. Jaisalmer is a famous getaway for all kinds of desert camping and it also offers cultural walking tours, some of the sight scenes like some of the Thar Desert villages, a museum  and temple tours of the Jaisalmer city. Get a delightsome experience in enjoying your dinner by the desert under the open sky.

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