Scentsy Fresh – Home Scents And What They Reveal About Your Personality

Scentsy Fresh

When it comes to scents at scentsy fresh, your body is attracted to certain things over others. But does it ever come to mind why it is this way? Why are you drawn towards colour or scent? Well, it’s simple, your personality and character traits make you this way. When looking for perfume, you choose one that best suits your personality. The same goes for when you are choosing home scents. The type of candles you pick have alot to say about you as a person and your personality. Scents make you feel different emotions and feelings due to the cognitive association you’ve created in your unconscious mind. There are different suggestions for what your home scent has to say about you, and here is our take on it.


If you appreciate clean space, this must mean your favourite home scent is lemon. Scentsy Fresh lemon can cut through any smell and make a room deodorise within minutes. The scent of lemon makes your home smell fresh. What does this say about your personality, though? The lemon scent indicates that you are optimistic, eager, bold, generous, spontaneous, and strong. Picking this scent means that you are up for endless fun, stimulation, excitement, and variety and, most importantly, be in charge due to your dominant characteristics.


If your go-to choice for your home scent is cedar, this indicates that you are a person who is adventurous and looking for adrenaline. You easily play the role of a lead and revitalise just by inhaling fresh air while taking a walk in nature. This scent is usually used in the chiller months when things like hiking and biking are not as comfortable and makes you feel comfortable just in remembrance of your memories of being in nature. The cedar scent indicates that you are a logical thinker and like things organised.


The most popular Scentsy Fresh scent is vanilla; you can’t go wrong with this one. This scent gives the vibe of traditions; it is a more classy pick than a trendy one. If you are a hard shell and mushy inside, you must be a vanilla person. People who pick vanilla are not willing to go out of their comfort zones and participate in activities that give adrenaline rushes. Vanilla pickers avoid taking a risk as they follow things by the book. This pick does not mean that you will have a breakdown when things do not go as planned but that you can mix and blend with others to create new outcomes and possibilities. 


Fruit scented homes scream love and passion. The apple scent used by people is preferred as it does not overpower the room. If you are someone who uses this scent in your home, then you should know that you are a person who brings positive energy and vibes into the lives of the people that you love. This scent also indicates that you make the people around you feel appreciated and heard as you give up your stage for those you love.

Coffee Beans

Picture entering a coffee shop; the aromatic smell gives you therapy within seconds before even sipping on your cup. If your home smells this way, then let me tell you, you are an idealist. The scent of coffee in your home tells that you are a spontaneous, trendsetter and perfectionist. Coffee scents show a hint of boldness, and sophistication can be spotted, sometimes a sensitive side. People around you like you because of your likeable personality. The base note of vanilla touch optimises the impulsive idealist within you. 

What to look out for when buying a new home so that you are not seduced by the smell of the house.


People who remain calm and collected even in stressful situations seem to have their homes smell like lavender, as it is a bottled representation of them! These people are secretly romantic and passionate and rely on their feelings and emotions to guide them instead of guiding their feelings and emotions. 


People who are sensitive and introspective towards the need of others and calculate their options before making a decision align with rose scents. This Scentsy Fresh choice means that if your home smells like roses, you do not have a problem controlling your impulses and are cautious of your decisions and steps. You have a few heinously embarrassing memories and regrets making your record rosy because of your think before act personality and decision-making style.

Different homes have different vibes, and the way your home smells best describes the vibe it gives off. If it has a homey smell to it, you will have your loved ones at your end and feel welcomed and if it does not smell good, then say goodbye to anyone wanting to come over more than once.

House smells that your should never ignore.