unicorn hair dye

Wondering how long your unicorn hair dye will last????? Floating out of the golden gates of the magical realm and declaring disloyalty to its sanctity is not the kind of bone that everyone shares. The Inculcation of different dimensions of life with fantasy-inspired elements is one of the ways to signify its importance in your life. 

The current hair trend that has rattled the world of the believers of the magical realm with this innovative approach of unicorn hair dye to pay tribute to the magical being, the Unicorn.

Flutter your breath-taking wings and soar through the sky with us to capture the crystal balls of knowledge with us. 

What is Unicorn Hair Dye?

Rainbow hair is the new fantasy of the world since it is living up to the expectation of the masses that have the desire to replicate the stunning features of a unicorn, the hues of its hair. The formula in this dye hooks you up with high-intensity colors, which create nothing short of magical hair. The adjectives vibrant, dark, and bold are the key characteristics of this new hair dye. 

This dye is DIY-friendly which makes it not require professional assistance to apply through the wisps of your hair. The gentle touch of the color renders it damage-free, and running the hair through several washes makes the hue die down gracefully. 

Are there Different Colors Available in this Dye?

A Rainbow would not be a rainbow without its beautiful range of shades that catch your sight and seep down your soul. A unicorn flaunts the rainbow on different sections of its body. The blend of dreamy hues together makes this mystical creature stand out and pushes every other ongoing work to the back. 

Cooked up with a vegetable and glycerin-based ingredients, this makes it clear for the line of thought that it will make sense to have a variety of colors potentially in the dye. Different companies offer a different number of hues in their range of unicorn hair dye, but one thing is clear the range is never limited. 

How Long Should I leave this Dye in My Hair?

This new dye is available in two different types of formulas; full-coverage formula and tint formula. 

  • Full Coverage

The full-coverage formula of the dye should be applied and left in the hair for around 30 minutes as it covers the wisp of hair from roots to tips. To bring about the saturated color in hair is the feature of this dye, and to avail, yourself of the opportunity will require you to sit down for a half-hour and patiently await the switch from boring to thrilling shades of life. 

  • Tint

The tint formula may occur to be mild in external look with its washed down appearance in hair; it requires the individuals to have far more patience to get through the process with 100% success. After applying this formula of unicorn hair dye from root to tip, leave it for a good 45 minutes there. If you want to make it seem more intense and have the color lasting through the tips, then it is better to leave it for 1-2 hours there. 

Is Unicorn Dye Semi-Permanent?

Definitely! Both of the formulas available in this hair dye are semi-permanent in nature. Semi-permanent dyes are basically made of such ingredients that only efficiently coat the shaft of your hair strands. They do not intrude on the deeper layer of hair cuticles and cause a permanent change to occur in the original shade of your hair. 

Does it Last?

The time duration of the dye to last depends upon the type of formula being painted into the strands of your hair. While the tint formula can endure 8-10 washes before being declared dead, it will take 10-12 washes for a full-coverage formula to succumb to the same fate. 

Where Can I Find Reviews on it?

Any trend wrecking up the pace of social networking sites and making people go crazy for it provokes people to frequently experiment with it and post reviews about it. While your surrounding people are the unofficial reviewers—if they are among the crowd of experimenters, the official websites of the manufacturers of the hair dye offer a section to obtain reviews of customers and gain more customers on that basis. 

Final Words

Being able to explore yourself in the world is a true gift from nature. Unicorn hair dye hands out the choice which you can grab upon effortlessly and slide down the rainbow with a triumph in your pocket. 

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