Revealed: The UK’s Best Place to Raise a Family

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We always want what’s best for our little ones; a healthy lifestyle, a good school, and a good area to grow up in. Raising a family is exciting, but where are the best cities to do so?

New data reveals the best place to raise a family in the UK. By researching a variety of factors that impact family life, the research establishes where babies will truly thrive. Each UK city was analysed for these factors:

  • The number of primary schools to enjoy a fun education
  • The number of parks to play and run around in
  • The number of hospitals to offer care and support
  • The average birth rate so you know your little one will have lots of friends
  • The area crime rate so you know where’s the safest place to grow up

If you’re looking to start a family in a UK city, you may just want to consider this list when picking your family’s home location. Let’s slip on our baby bodysuits, roll out the prams, and take a look at the top five locations.

5. Chichester

Chichester establishes itself as a great place to start a family, especially when it comes to playtime. In fact, Chichester has more parks per capita than any other UK city. If you fancy the idea of swings and slides galore for your child, this West Sussex city may be the best place to live and start a family. Chichester achieved a family city score of 68.1.

4. Westminster

Your baby will love growing up in the heart of London, according to the research. Westminster ranked fourth on the table, suggesting that raising a small child in the shadow of Big Ben isn’t such a bad idea. Westminster scored 68.3 on the family city index, no doubt thanks to having the highest birth rate and the most hospitals per capita. Your child will have access to good healthcare and should have no trouble making friends growing up in Westminster.

3. Bangor

This Welsh city proves to be an all-rounder when it comes to raising a family. Though not topping the charts in any category, Bangor holds strong in terms of parks, hospitals, and crime. There’s plenty to enjoy in Bangor, with wildlife parks, theatres, and cinemas to enjoy every day. With a family city score of 69.4, Bangor is a brilliant place for new families.

2. Wells

Wells is one of the best UK cities to raise your children. Just like Bangor, Wells doesn’t top the chart in any one category. Instead, its strengths lie across the board. Wells has the third-highest hospital score and second-highest park score. Wells has a family city score of 80.8.

1. Armagh

Small cities have dominated the family city chart, with Northern Ireland’s Armagh securing the top spot in search for the best city to raise a baby. Armagh has the highest number of primary schools per capita, meaning that your children will get the valued education that they deserve. The city also has the second-highest number of hospitals for its population size. Together, all factors give Armagh the top family city score of 100. If you’re looking to start a family and relocate, Armagh might just be the place to do it.

Babies deserve the best opportunities during their upbringing. By playing, making friends, and having access to the best education and care, we can ensure that they’re happy for the start of their life. Wherever you live and raise a family, make sure that they’re comfortable and enjoy everything that your city has to offer.