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An American Pie: Who was in the original movie and who was in the band camp cast?

American Pie is a 1999 comedy film that tells the story of four teenage friends who have just graduated from high school. It was written by Adam Herz, directed by Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz, and produced by Chris Bender, David Gerson and Jake Weiner. The American Pie movies have been a huge success around the world since they were released! Get more details on what some of the original cast members are up to now in this article.

The Cast of American Pie

The American Pie cast is one of the most famous in film history. Jim, played by Jason Biggs, is the protagonist of the film. Jennifer Coolidge plays his mother who loves him unconditionally despite his many exploits. Eugene Levy plays Kevin Myers, Jim’s best friend and loyal accomplice. Seann William Scott plays tough guy, Steve Stifler who tolerates Jim’s antics only because he usually gets away with them. The movie also features Alyson Hannigan as Michelle; Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia; Chris Klein as Oz; Tara Reid as Vicky; Mena Suvari as Heather; Thomas Ian Nicholas as Paul Finch; and Devon Sawa as Dave Stoller.

The Original Movie Cast

The original American Pie cast consisted of Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Nadia Dajani.

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs was in the original movie where he played Jim Levenstein. In the American Pie band camp cast, he did not take part in the spin off movie. Jason Biggs has gone on to be the most famous of the original American Pie cast.

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari played Heather, a girlfriend of Jim’s who was convinced that he’ll return to her. Likewise as a movie start in her own right, she did not take up the offer to appear in the band camp spin off. Mena is a stylish and successful actress currently.

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott, who played Steve Stifler in the original movie, is a musician. As a part of The Transplants, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2002. Seann is also an accomplished producer and director.

Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy was in the original movie and the band camp cast. He has also gone onto further success in the very highly regards Schitt’s creek.

John Cho

John Cho, who played Harold Lee, was not in the original American Pie movie. However, he plays one of the Korean exchange students in Band Camp.

Tara Reid

The movie was so popular that Tara Reid was cast in the band camp following the original movie. It’s the only sequel to date. It’s also worth noting that Paul Gleason, who played Principal Vernon, passed away in 2003.

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas played in both main American Pie movies. He played the lead role of Kevin Myers in the original movie and appeared in band camp as Nadal.

Jennifer Coolidge …and more! What are the actors doing now?

The American Pie band camp cast and the original movie? There were stars in both: Jennifer Coolidge, who played Stifler’s mom in the original American Pie movie, played one of the counselors at band camp.

An American Pie: Who was in the original movie and who was in the band camp cast?
There are four bands that are mentioned in both movies: The Righteous Brothers, The Ataris, Big Fun, and Zit Remedy.

About the movie An American pie: band camp

The “An American Pie: Band Camp” movie was released on July 28th, 2017 and the original “An American Pie” movie is available on Amazon Prime Video.

American Pie The band camp cast

In the American Pie band camp cast, you will find actors from other films in the American Pie franchise. In addition to Darren Criss from Glee, there’s also comedian Chris D’Elia from NBC’s Whitney, and actor Mamoudou Athie from Atypical.