The Startup Symba, Winner Of The Vertical Education – Enlighted At South Summit 2021

The implementation of remote educational models, the change in social context and the new demands of students have been some of the topics addressed around the Education – enlightED industry, one of the main protagonists of this first day of South Summit and of the whole meeting in general.

South Summit 2021 powered by IE University is carried out in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, is co-organized by the Madrid City Council and has partners such as BBVA, Telefónica, Endesa and Banco Sabadell’s BStartup.

The leading meeting of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem will bring together startups, corporations and investors until next Thursday in the Madrid innovation space of La Nave. Under the slogan ‘Shape the future’, South Summit 2021 invites the global innovation ecosystem to be part of the transformation towards the future, which is built from its pillars: Sustainability, Connection, Innovation and Business.

Within the framework of this theme, more than a dozen startups have exhibited their projects in the Eduaction-enlightED vertical competition, in which Symba has been the winner. It is a startup that helps organizations implement development programs for workforce and training by offering face-to-face, remote and hybrid options . Symba has become the winner of the vertical, but the rest of the finalist projects are not far behind in terms of innovation and disruption. They stand out from them:

  • Aba English : platform to learn English that mixes entertainment and education. It is based on lived experiences, speaking and videos.
  • Additio : AI-based classroom management system that helps teachers improve their students’ performance.
  • Eduflow : online learning through activity flows to increase student retention and learning.
  • CoVince : enables individuals and organizations to grow and come together by combining the workplace with a high-tech learning environment.
  • EduSynch : offers personalized language tests through a cloud-based platform, saving time and money for teachers and institutions.
  • Mindstone : a composite learning platform that offers students online content adapted according to their goals, preferences and lifestyle.
  • Robotify : aims to bring robotics and coding closer to students through tools and resources that awaken their creativity and critical thinking.
  • SimpleCloud : is a cloud-based Wass that enables remote collaboration and education experiences.
  • SkillSafari : provides training for the development of activities while developing a collaborative community of students.
  • SuperBetter : socio-emotional learning platform to improve the mental health of users.

South Summit 2021 wants to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability, also transforming itself from the inside, maximizing its positive ecological impact, by betting on a carbon-neutral production, with circular materials and in continuous growth, being in the process to achieve the Green Festival certification.

The investment in education and the application of technology to improve the training of more students has been the main theme of the talk ‘The Future of Education’. In it Vinny Pujii, Manager Partner of Left Lane Capital pointed out that “education is treated as something that should be provided, but if we want to obtain excellent results we need platforms and tools by which students can truly invest in their education.” In this sense, Pujji has celebrated that “the capital invested in EdTech has increased greatly in recent years thanks to the success of technological platforms to strengthen studies such as GoStudent”, a tool to connect students with private teachers and whose CEO and co-founder, Felix Oshwald,

On the other hand, the cloud has made learning systems more accessible to everyone. José Ángel López Mayoralas, Entrerprise Strategist EMEAR Sales Organization of CISCO, has highlighted that: Collaborative tools and Saas companies have allowed the global operation of companies, being able to work together allowing training and continuous connection. Public sector bodies can be the big beneficiaries, especially schools to be able to continue transferring knowledge. Now presence is no longer necessary to ensure knowledge and education. “

Finally, Rodrigo Rodríguez, CEO of ODILO, in his presentation called ‘The pandemic boom and the outlook for the future’ highlighted “it is essential to bet on lifelong learning and we are beginning to see that organizations and governments prioritize offering this learning to students, employees and citizens. “