Alegría Says That Education Will Comply With The Calendar For Implementation Of Curricula

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, has ensured that the Ministry will comply with the calendar for the implementation of the new curricula of educational teachings, in view of the doubts that some autonomous communities expressed due to lack of time, such as the Community of Madrid and Galicia.

The minister has thus promised to meet the deadlines, in this Tuesday’s plenary session of the Senate, in response to the question posed by the Basque senator about whether the Government believes that the process of developing the school curriculum is being adequate.

Senator María Rosa Peral Díez (PNV) has reproached the Government for taking the Finnish educational system as a reference, when this country has been working for four years in the development of its new curricula, and the Ministry intends to do so “in three months”, of “hastily” way, according to the senator.

In addition, he has complained that “it is not acceptable” that the Infant and Primary curricula have been sent to the autonomous communities just two months ago , when in his opinion, “the development of the curriculum needs time, rigor and seriousness”, They have to be approved for their entry into force next year, also criticizing that the curriculum proposals have been made known by the media, rather than by the administrations themselves.

For her part, the minister has defended that since the new educational law, the LOMLOE, was approved in December of last year, the Ministry is working “with all the speed and maximum rigor” to implement the new curricula. “We do all this with the autonomous communities to be able to comply with the school calendar; the appropriate steps are being taken,” he said.

In fact, he has asked the senator not to have “concern” about this issue, because the Ministry is going to meet the objectives and the implementation calendar, as he has assured, since the senator has also addressed the minister who has not commented “anything” about planning or what is the schedule that the Ministry manages, as well as that the communities still do not know the draft of the Secondary curriculum, for example.

Given this, Alegría has announced that the Infant curriculum is already in process , that in “the next few dates” the educational administrations will receive the Primary and Secondary one and that the Ministry of Baccalaureate will also “in the near future”.

During her speech, the minister also highlighted that the Ministry has had experts and “a significant number of teachers of different subjects and teachings for the development of the curricula.” In addition, he recalled that the content of the drafts has been advanced so that the autonomous communities were also working on it.