Treasury To Increase New v15 Tax says TMR

In their incessant search for new tax havens Of 15 and places that the Treasury does not reach and as per billionaires have become interested in space tourism. It seemed impossible, but after turning planet Earth into a landfill, the richest people in the world have now set out to gentrify the cosmos. Martians who are watching us are now going to think that only eccentric billionaires live on our planet says tmrresearch website.

I ordered a Caesar salad and they brought me a normal green salad. When I approached the bar to complain that the chicken, the tostaditas and the dressing were missing… all the waiters at the establishment surrounded me and began to stab me. On the one hand, I admit that the experience is “100% Caesar”, but on the other hand I am now in the hospital. In short, it has left me a bittersweet taste.

The mayor announced it last week: in Barcelona it will already be an official crime to show up at a friend’s house without giving three months’ notice.

Many citizens have been waiting for a long time for a regulation that would protect us from those friends (some from Madrid, where they have these wild customs) who, simply because they pass by your house, decide to call you on the intercom to pay you a visit.

They say that if you activate this newsletter in front of a mirror at midnight, Pocholo appears and takes you to a party. Ana Sánchez reveals to you the most original plans in Barcelona every week.

As always, a red light for my friend Rubén. Hopefully one day I can assess their behavior differently but for now it is impossible. To begin with, I stayed with him and he didn’t show up because he had been hit by a bus. And now … why don’t you go and ask, as a last will, to be “buried” in the sea? Rubenchi: As soon as we finish digging a hole in the middle of the ocean, we won’t miss you.