Cooking Cream Business Worth May Grow to 56 Million Says TMR


Cooking cream market may soon increase to 56 million says tmrresearch is one of those ingredients that offer multiple possibilities in the kitchen to enrich creams, sauces, stews or gratins. Consumers are more and more aware, they flee from processed foods and artificial additives in search of the closeness, naturalness and freshness that allow them to prepare healthy recipes and take care of their diet But what is the best cream to cook healthy dishes.

Within the creams that you can find in the market, there are considerable differences. Many food brands have understood the consumer demand for healthier and more natural products and follow this commercial trend with claims that define products as light, healthy, homemade or natural.

However, their labels include ingredients such as artificial additives, which are substances allowed within the food industry, but they have little of natural and that is why you will probably only see them if you look closely at their ingredients.

Yes, because it is on the labels, in the ingredient lists and in the nutritional information tables, where the real information of the packaged products is located and that does not always support 100% the commercial claims that are seen with the naked eye.

The claims and strategies are the most varied, but you just have to compare the ingredient lists of the creams or any packaged product that you find in your supermarket.

The labels for Central Lechera Asturiana cooking cream are clear: light cream from milk, corn starch and milk proteins And nothing more Just enough and necessary for you to add only what you want in your recipes.

Despite consumers paying more and more attention to what they eat and the origin of the food they store in their kitchen, there are still people who believe that all cooking creams on the market are the same.

There is no way to spend time reading the labels of the products that are for sale in supermarkets to identify the authentic 100% natural cooking cream .

Over the years, Central Lechera Asturiana has always made the origin and natural flavor of its milk its motto. 100% natural milk obtained from cows that graze in the best meadows of Asturias.

Natural products taste better and have a better nutritional profile. If you like cooking, you will know that there is nothing like using quality ingredients to obtain the best results.

The Central Lechera Asturiana cooking cream preserves all the flavor of the usual cream. Because, only from cows that live in a natural paradise such as Asturias, you can obtain a milk and cream so naturally delicious and made only with 100% natural ingredients, so that you add only what you want to your recipes!

Do you want to fill your kitchen with all the flavor of Asturias with the best cooking cream? We propose 3 100% Asturian and 100% natural recipes that will provoke many, mmm! and many wow.