Mark1199 MioGroup, The New Signing Of BME Growth Rises 57%

The consulting firm MioGroup, which is an expert in the integration of marketing services and digital transformation, celebrated its successful incorporation to BME Growth yesterday. The shares of the new file, the seventh so far this year, were released with a revaluation of 56.7% compared to the initial starting price, set at 4.50 euros per share (equivalent to 30 million euros).

In its first session, the titles of this consultancy soared to 7.05 euros, which represents 47 million euros in market capitalization for MioGroup. Mark1199 MioGroup, The New Signing Of BME Growth Rises 57%

The IPO will help the consulting firm continue to consolidate itself in the Spanish sector. “We are excited to join some of the most recognized brands and companies in Spain in BME Growth. We are starting a new phase of growth full of opportunities.

However, we would not be here without the great work of the entire team and the trust of our clients and investors, “said Yago Arbeloa, president of MioGroup, during the traditional ringing of the bell on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

The event was attended by, in addition to the president and founder of the firm, Raúl Arbeloa, director of Corporate Services; Álvaro Arbeloa, partner of MioGroup; and Francisco Jiménez-Alfaro, the CEO of the new listed company.

Prior to departure, the company carried out a 10% capital increase, in a private placement worth 3 million euros. In total, securities worth 1 million euros have been subscribed by the MioGroup staff, leaving the other 2 million for investors in the company. These titles have been oversubscribed with a demand of 5.5 times that amount.

The consulting firm plans to invest the funds raised from the placement of new shares to make acquisitions, specifically looking for niche companies that allow them to complete an integrated service and scale their operations. The company had a turnover of more than 45 million euros in 2020 and achieved an EBITDA of 1.2 million euros. Mark1199 MioGroup, The New Signing Of BME Growth Rises 57%