Decathlon Launches 900 Vacancies With Salaries From 1200 Euros

In need of a sports item, the mind quickly goes to Decathlon. The French sportswear and accessories giant already has more than 170 stores in Spain and 6 large logistics centers . Another piece of information about your weight is your level of recruitment. And it is that Decathlon has started the course with almost 900 job vacancies.

Specifically, there are 843 of which 515 are for sellers specialized in sports such as mountaineering, running, basketball or contact.

What kind of jobs Decathlon offers
Its offers are divided by practically all of Spain since the company has a presence in almost all the provincial capitals. They include several part-time jobs, but also others with a fixed option.

In addition to salespeople, Decathlon is also looking for some thirty ‘Store Leaders’ , its name for managers, specialists and workers in logistics and also IT.

Decathlon is in a way a good place for younger first-time job seekers to start their career, but it also has an internal training and promotion model that makes it a good destination for older professionals. Always, yes, that they are fans of some sport or outdoor activity, their fundamental requirement.

Decathlon: salaries from 1,200 euros
Decathlon does not require work experience for its sales positions, but it does value the relationship with the sport. In fact, most of their offers require that to be a seller of a section you are a practitioner of that sport or at least a deep connoisseur.

Knowing how much a Decathlon worker can expect to charge is something simple since the company has its own collective agreement. In it they mark a salary of 7.49 euros per hour up to 9.48 euros.

Annually, salaries range from 14,794.06 euros per year with basic extra payments included for the lowest paid subgroup to 18,341.73 euros for the highest.

All this gives an average salary according to these same sources of between 1,200 euros net and 1,500, depending on the responsibility. In addition, they have premiums for sales of the store in which they work that can increase the payroll between 5 and 10% per year.

The requirements of a Decathlon vendor
To see the specific requirements, we compile the ones you request for a vacancy as a Mountain sports specialist in Zaragoza. In it you can read:

“We are looking for practitioners and passionate about Mountain sports in any of its disciplines, wanting to learn, dare, take responsibility and grow professionally. Who enjoy sharing online and are active in the use of new tools and technologies. Capable of leading together with the person in charge of the project of these sports.

You will share your passion for sport with our users, proposing exclusive and unique products and services in an exchange from athlete to athlete.

You will have your own scope of decision and you will help the rest of the team in the commercial actions that you carry out.

If you love mountain sports in any of its aspects and you are passionate about people, do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you at Decathlon Grancasa “.

How to send the CV to Decathlon and register in their job board
Anyone who wants to apply to work at Decathlon must register and complete the process to send their resume through the job portal on their website.

In it we can filter by position and location, and find the specifications of each position fully detailed.

To register, we can choose to register manually with username and password , or follow these other steps:

  • Do it through b4work, where we will create a professional profile that is automatically linked to the Decathlon database
  • Or through the Indeed job offers website profile.

Once our CV has been selected, we could be called for an interview in which to demonstrate the aptitudes for the position to which we aspire.

Until 2019 Decathlon also collected CVs in hand in its stores, something that it stopped doing, so everything happens online.