Pakistani musician-actor Basit Malik , Basit Malik (Model & Actor)

Model Actor | Muhammad Basit Hanif, popularly known as Basit Malik is a musical artist, model and actor

Karachi, Sind Mar 24, 2022 (  – Profession :

                    Muhammad Basit Hanif As Basit Malik Make Name In Music Industry As Singer and Model

Introduction:  Muhammad Basit Hanif Professionally known by his stage name Basit Malik is one of those classical examples of teenagers who end up their legacy as a legend. He grew up in Karachi city of Pakistan belongs to a Nobel family from school time Basit loved to take part in opportunities of school functions to present his poetry on stage just to make people aware of his talent but in the start, no one take him seriously because of his age.
Muhammad basit hanif As Basit Malik was born on 21 January 1996 (age 26 years), Multan, Pakistan. Basit Malik believes in finding unique techniques of presenting his music that make a shocking impression on his fresh listeners.

Tonality: From his childhood, Shakil Aslam always liked to be with music and song. From a young age, he got a lot of popularity and his music was profound to his fans.
Later on, Basit Malik adjust his poetry into rap verses and that was a game-changer move in his career. At the age of 16years.He was titled the finest young rapper from Karachi. His Dream becomes his passion, He starts doing small shows in his area.

    Channels of communication: Basit Malik’s music is not bounded to just a single type but almost all genres additionally, with subscribers in millions he has acquired many fans following over music Platforms like Spotify, Amazon music, pandort, Apple music, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, resso, soundtrack, SoundCloud, Deezer, saavn, boomplay, Anghami, kkbox, and a lot more, From his early age, Mohd Nawaz Mubarak took advantage of the opportunities he got to be with music and tune.

Reputation:   Many people dream of achieving their goals, but not everyone can make it happen. Most of them take it as a challenge and others take it as real interest. The main thing which stops an independent dreamer to make moves is family problems and age factors. Basit Malik proves that age is just a number and we can do what we want by just doing hard work and believing in our own moves.

Dreams:  Using the poetic power of lyricism the boy talks about social issues of country and slums which makes an amazing buzz in his city that how a young boy can notice these facts and talk about them and present his piece of art total independently. Muhammad basit hanif also known as Basit Malik, is ready to take the Hip-Hop industry by storm with his self-taught skills and serve as an inspiration for others to continue living their lives and chasing their dreams.


Real Name : Muhammad Basit hanif
Known as: Basit Malik
Nickname: Malik
Birth year: 1996
Age : 26 (as 2022)
Father name: Muhammad Hanif
Mother name: Shamim hanif
Birthplace: Multan Pakistan
Hometown: North Karachi
Lives in: Karachi
Nationality: Pakistani
Company: Shalimar
Occupation: Model Actor
Religion: Islam
Height: 6 feet 5 inches
Weight: 60 KG (approximately)


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