Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus Offers Fuel Assistance to Some Louisianians

Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or LA F.E.E.S 2022 is created by Louisianan Greshun De Bouse-Global Equality Advocate and Activist-to help defray the cost of fuel during the 2022 fuel emergency for select eligible Louisianans. #LAFEES2022

Shreveport, Louisiana Mar 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – Nationwide, cities and states are recording their highest fuel prices ever in 2022, and Louisiana is no exception. Specifically, On March 12, Shreveport-Bossier City, LA-in the northern part of the Pelican State-reached its highest ever recorded fuel price at $4.168 p/GAL.  In light of this fuel emergency, ne Louisiana native has taken action to provide select eligible Shreveport-Bossier City residents in need with fuel assistance to help defray the inflated cost of fuel.  Louisianan, Republican, and Global Advocate and Activist, Greshun De Bouse created the Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or LA F.E.E.S. 2022 as a privately-funded, six-month fuel assistance effort initially for select eligible Shreveport-Bossier City, LA residents who need fuel assistance to drive to and from work, school, and other *Approved Destinations.  Applicants must meet all LA F.E.E.S eligibility requirements, and approved applicants will receive a monthly stimulus beginning June 1, 2022, and ending December 31, 2022.   LA F.E.E.S 2022 creator Activist De Bouse says,

“The nation is experiencing a fuel emergency.  While it is good for governors to advocate for the eradication of the fuel tax at this time, and potentially seek other fuel-related financial relief from the government, what do Americans in need do while waiting?  It ‘sounds’ good for certain Louisiana leaders and other leaders to “make speeches” in the media concerning how high fuel prices are. However, what are they doing about it?  As an Activist, I am a person of Ac-tion. Instead of constantly ‘talking’ about a fuel emergency that we all are aware exists, I have taken action by creating the Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or LA F.E.E.S 2022 initially for parts of Louisiana where I am from, with hopes of ultimately expanding.  My philosophy is ‘Why to wait on someone else to do what I have the ability to do myself?’ If the goal is to help the American people-like it should be-we don’t have time to allow the Left-Right blame game to take precedence over the needs of the American people.  Let us meet the needs of the people first, and entertain the rest thereafter .”

Activist De Bouse has secured an investor to match funds of the LA F.E.E.S 2022, and she has founded Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus Year, a year-long observance for 2022 to raise awareness of the need for an existing reserve fuel assistance fund that is made available to eligible U.S. citizens when in need of such assistance.

The deadline to apply for LA F.E.E.S. 2022 is May 1, 2022, at www.fuelemergencyeconomicstimulus.com.

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