Famous Entrepreneur Abdalla Alshamsi all equipped to launch his Job hunting website “Abgulf”

Abgulf is the perfect & most transparent job hunt platform which helps connecting real talents around the globe with genuine recruiters in and around UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mar 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – Abdalla Alshamsi is a young businessman and an entrepreneur from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. He has already been in limelight for being the owner of many UAE-based multinational companies. But he is again on a new venture -Abgulf. Considering the growth opportunities and Dubai being a global hotspot for millions of job aspirants, Abdalla  Alshamsi has currently shifted his all focus on providing the UAE market with an excellent job searching platform so that young talents can reach out to genuine recruiters through his service without falling prey for online fraudulent organizations working solely for their own ulterior motives.

Abdalla  Alshamsi strongly believes in having an opulent lifestyle, traveling in private jets, and owning the most luxurious cars, most expensive number plates and what not, so he wishes for others too. That’s how he is an ideal entrepreneur one could ever look upto. Despite all of his hectic schedule & super abiding corporate network, he managed to maintain his work-life balance by grasping his love for travelling. He has approximately visited 80+ countries around the globe. But still, all this hustle didn’t stop him to go a step beyond and cater more to the global community by launching “Abgulf”.

One of his key qualities which made him the man he is today is his strong belief in consistent hard work and the courage to put high stakes for the things he aims to achieve. He knows how to get plans perfectly executed so as to turn them into achievements. His main goal has always been to keep moving with the pace of life & not to settle for anything less. He has been super-passionate for delivering services in this field of job hunting just because of the personal experiences he gained after interacting with young, talented job seekers who go through so much of trials & tribulations in the process of finding a job in an area far overseas from their homelands. He interacted with them to deeply understand their problems & aptly designed “Abgulf” a perfect job hunt platform that is hassle-less and transparent in its mode of action.

Abdalla  Alshamsi has always focused on self-improvement to reach the epitome of the market where he stands today. He has been a wonderfully foresighted man & always had a very clear vision of what he intended to provide the market so that not only his boat of business would sail but also would serve the purposes of so many others going through hardships at the same time. And that’s exactly how a true entrepreneur thinks. All of the businesses he owns today including “Abgulf” had always his own intelligence in the foundation blueprints. He is a proactive enthusiast and he knows exactly how to get things done. With a stronghold over the international network in the business community, Abdalla Alshamsi is looking forward to drastically optimizing the way businesses are being executed these days, by the launch ofAbgulf website he wants to revolutionize the bygone methods so that others could grow too along his journey for excellence.


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