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Jaipur, Rajasthan Mar 21, 2022 (  – The successfully established Gemstone Jewelry Supplier and Manufacturer – Rananjay Exports have introduced two new additions of Gemstones to their inventory Amethyst Stalactite and Cacoxenite. Ever ready to cater to the needs of their current jewelry enthusiasts and to meet ever-changing fashion trends, they are champing at the bit. Their significant knowledge in the gemstone industry has served them a lot in creating a stunning impact on their customers and henceforth in continuous growth.

The company owner is quite excited about the impact these two crystals will create in the market and all broader segments of customers that they will now be able to cater to. He added, “The great wave of enthusiasm among fashion lovers will definitely make this addition successful making their customers satisfied with the brand. New Jewelry designs indulged with creativity and innovation are on their way for all the people seeking something different this season.” With the obvious necessity to set the new benchmarks for the summer jewelry collection, people are looking forward to something that gives fresh vibes of the season as well as is a new definition of fashion.

The beautiful pink hues of Cacoxenite Gemstone make it a perfect choice for this summer that you would not want to miss. You can easily spot bewitching Cacoxenite Jewelry designs on their website that is perfectly ready to be engaged with. The crystal is a true parameter of beauty that can be paired off with every sort of attire and will provide you with pure summer vibes.

Another choice that they have introduced includes Amethyst Stalactite which is very unique in appearance. The product manager of the company in this matter stated, “We always try to meet up to the expectations of our customers and it is only because of this reason that we have added Amethyst Stalactite Jewelry Collection to provide them with a tantalizing choice that is as unique as themselves.” He added, “We know that in today’s scenario, everybody is looking for something that cannot be replaced or matched onto so easily, thus we are confident about the success of this crystal.”

The company focuses and believes in serving only quality products to their customers and their vision encompasses expanding to a larger segment in a shorter duration. The addition of these new crystals has made them the talk of the town. The company thrives to bring the essence of real Gemstone Jewelry out in the best possible way. There were some hints regarding the continuous future upgradation in inventory but refrained from giving any particular statement.

About Rananjay Exports – Rananjay Exports is a trusted Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier based in Jaipur since 2013. They have over two hundred plus a variety of crystals and thousand plus jewelry designs that are purely designed to win hearts. It deals in pure 92.5 sterling silver to craft its best designs and only deals with authentic crystals.

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