Wryst Launches Its Designer Chronograph Watch Series

The elusive balance between style and durability in a sports watch

New York City, New York Dec 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – If you closely follow men’s fashion and trends, you may have realized that men are interested in independent Swiss watch brands and new design concepts. For men in general, watches have all their places in their important dress code. Because a watch is much more than just an accessory, it generally says a lot about the personality and appearance that a man wants to give or display. Let’s discover another brand of men’s watch with Swiss watches from Wryst. A reasonably recent brand has taken the bold gamble of combining luxury and sporty watches. For a relatively successful result, we will detail you in this article.


Wryst watches, when luxury and elegance meet sport

Wryst is above all the meeting and sharing between two kinds of usually distinct watches: luxury and sport. Imagined in the mind of Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier for more than three years, this concept brilliantly combines certain luxury design features in a sporty set. And to go further and offer products even better able to stand out from specific competitors, the Swiss watch brand has also tried to make its creations at the most affordable prices, despite cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Wryst’s biggest challenge was already perfectly realized from then on: offering luxury and sporty watches while making them as affordable as possible.

All Wryst watches benefit from the highest standards of watchmaking traditions. They combine several ultra-modern production techniques in cooperation with the unrivaled know-how of renowned craftsmen. A cutting-edge, high-quality approach and limited edition production method enabled the brand to win the world-renowned Swiss Made label. The guarantee of authenticity certifies each creation as a product originating in Switzerland.

As a result, all watches incorporate the most innovative and durable materials possible, including unprecedented strength attributes. In several models, we find superior materials such as high-quality stainless steel 516L or even amorphous carbon DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coatings which ensure a watch without the slightest trace of wear and scratches during years. Without forgetting that each case benefits at the same time from an innovative design, with a unique bracelet fixing system with four screws, all with a reinforced level of safety.


The Wryst Force collection, attractive with its leather bracelets

A symbol of a wide variety of men’s watches, Wryst features a range of “timepieces” called Wryst chronograph watches Force. It’s the one we fell in love with, its lines and shape directly inspired by extreme sports and the forces of nature! This Wryst Force model is also fascinating since all the watches are customizable, with a silicone strap and another leather, both included, which you can choose and reverse as you wish. It is a detail that makes the difference, since it is then possible to change the strap whenever we want, with leather for a chic atmosphere or silicone for a sporty side perfectly assumed. There are, therefore, several colors in this collection, including these four models, which blend very well with the spirit and appearance of the modern man.


TheWryst SX210 Black Leather Watch


Entirely in black, the Wryst Force SX210 watch is thus perfect for a man wishing to display himself with a timeless, manly watch with beautiful sporty looks. There is an exquisite black leather strap that another silicone can replace for a slightly more relaxed spirit.


TheWryst SX230 Blue Face Watch


Wryst also highlights its SX230 model in its Wryst Force range, with a model showing slight shades of blue on certain parts of the set. An option that adds a little more fun and more flavor to the watch.


TheWryst SX270 Black and Rose Gold


However, the SX270 is perhaps the most elegant in the range for a much more chic side. It offers a very classy brown on an alligator leather strap with a black dial for a clean result!


The Men’s Blue Watches SX300


Finally, another model with blue is also there with the Wryst Force SX300. A stunning watch that benefits from a gray-blue dial accompanied by a white and blue silicone bracelet and a black leather bracelet.

Of very high quality and made with the cutting edge technologies of traditional Swiss watchmaking, Wryst Force watches are available for around 800 euros, which is quite affordable when we talk about a luxury sports watch.

If you are looking for a more high-end version, the brand also offers automatic watches with the series Racer. The references also offered with handmade leather bracelets have an average retail price of 1600 euros.


Prices and specifications:


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