Nth Sense- Taking disease care system to holistic care system

Dallas, Texas Dec 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – ‘Health care is a basic right & no one should be deprived of proper healthcare due to lack of resources, says Nth Sense, a patient engagement platform. To make this viable, Nth Sense paved a powerful path right back in 2018. It helps healthcare professionals to reach the ultimate goal of holistic care & make the healthcare industry patient-centric. Besides, patient engagement solutions at Nth Sense ease this journey & aid the Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to achieve all the milestones along. 


Here is a look back into how Nth Sense started-

The parent company of Nth Sense is ‘Health Please’ which was working towards making pathology & diagnostics convenient & accessible to all. However, with time, a less-catered factor that is ‘affordable healthcare’ came across the minds of the founders. As the parent company was already making efforts towards making pathology easy for everyone, the need of making access to primary good health was pricking. 

Having said that, turning this opinion into a realistic path was going to demand a lot of research and insight into what in reality patients want and how doctors can fulfill the need.


Founders & background 

The 2 pillars of Nth Sense- Yash Bharwani & Nidhi Gopiani are the most compassionate hearts who wanted to take the disease care system towards holistic healthcare. If you are wondering the difference between the two, that is ‘patient experience‘! If not all, but at least mostly, healthcare is all about patient experience and patient satisfaction. These factors eventually aid the cure time of an ailment. 

Mr. Yash shares, ”Happy patients are like a treasure for a healthcare provider, and there must be measures taken to enhance & evaluate their happiness quotient. Patient engagement solutions can help to do so!”

Ms. Nidhi shares, ”we seek medical help to heal ourselves & get better, then why can’t healthcare be a happy experience? After all, a happy patient is a healthy patient”.

All of these thoughts together carved out a beautiful platform that aimed at bridging the gap between the doctors and the patients, enhancing the patient experience and making it happy for all. 

A man has 5 senses that help him complete his day-to-day activities. But when it comes to the digital world, these 5 don’t satisfy what it demands. It needs something equivalent that is a combination of cognitive intelligence & decision-making capacity tailored for the virtual world. 

Nth Sense empowers you with this epitome of all senses, a sense that guides you through the virtual world of the healthcare industry and makes the most of digital health. 


Aim ahead 

Nth Sense has the potential to be the answer to today’s growing medical expense as well as a trusted and reliable platform for research institutes looking for authentic and quality health data. In addition, it helps patients voice their opinion, doctors gain insights into their care & the healthcare industry as a whole. 

Nth Sense is the best patient connection in today’s world where digital health is blooming. With constant efforts and immense experience, it aims to continue its journey and make healthcare a happy experience for all. 


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