Top Reasons To Buy A Nato Watch Strap


Military hardware has brought many innovations in the civilian life of many, from the WW2 jeep and swiss army knife to the NATO watch strap that many people know and love. The most recent piece that has become popular is the NATO watch strap. They are practical, and durable and come in a range of patterns and colours to suit your personality. In this article, we will go through some of the main reasons to buy a NATO watch strap. 

What is a NATO watch strap?

The NATO watch strap is a practical and rugged watch strap for all terrains. It is a single piece of material that slides between the watch lugs under the case for an extra secure fit. This also uses a standard clasp. These are extremely versatile and have a range of benefits.

NATO straps are great value for money

There are many different watch straps and each one has its own purpose, but the NATO watch has many. It’s stylish, versatile, practical and unique. There are many options out there with some of the biggest brands creating their own version such as Omega. They make great entry sports watches, and the strap comes with an Omega logo on it. Alternatively, you could opt for something made for purpose such as Zulu Alphas NATO watch strap that is handmade, is made from the most durable materials and look super cool. Handmade is always better, so having something made by a team that was in the forces means everything. 


You get some watch straps that are simply unbearable to wear, but when you pair your beautiful watch face with a quality NATO watch strap, every watch is comfortable. That is for certain. Yes, there are many watch straps that are comfortable, and not all watch faces suit a NATO watch strap, but when you find the perfect balance, you will find that they are one of the most comfortable straps you will own in your lifetime. Some NATO watch straps will be firm and uncomfortable for a little while, but when it has softened, this will make comfortable, yet durable watch straps. A NATO watch strap is pretty magical as it has the ability to take the weight out of the watch, which is what many people worry about, especially if they are putting a Rolex or Breitling on the strap. 


If you have a watch for a purpose and actually use it for what it is made for, well done! There are many people out there who buy simply for its beauty, which is fine, but using it for its purpose is going to get you the best value for your watch. If you have something like an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex Explorer, you will find that during activity or heat, the steel watch strap gets hot and uncomfortable. This is common with a lot of metal straps, some can even break pretty easily. Leather straps can also be comfortable and easy to adjust, but when faced with heat, the material takes a turn for the worst. Rubber is also a good option, but if you wanted something that you don’t have to worry about, a NATO watch is definitely the best option for travel. 

They are heat resistant and protect against cold, dampness and scratches. The other bonus is you don’t have to go and take it to be professionally cleaned, you can easily do it yourself. 

Water Resistant 

For many years, NATO watch straps have been used for military dive watches. When something has been used for so long and has been used in the military for all terrains, it is hard to argue that it is not a well-suited watch strap. High-quality NATO watch straps will withstand all the salt and water that you face or submerge into. They rinse out very easily and they dry quickly too, which is great as it leaves no rash or mark. Due to them having long straps, they can go over a range of layers including the thickest of diving suits. 


If you are not globetrotting or use it for scuba or jungle exploration, then you can simply buy one because of one of the most compelling reasons. The James Bond reason. Having a Bond NATO watch strap to your collection will automatically make you feel like you’re going on a special mission or encountering a supervillain like Sean Connery. 

NATO straps look very cool when you find the one best suited for your watch strap. No matter if you have a cheap watch or an expensive luxury watch, pairing it with a NATO watch strap will transform the look of your watch. You can look as rugged or as materialistic as you want, you could even have different straps for each day of the week if you choose.