While the rest of the world is still thinking about the 2021 holiday season, retailers are already thinking about 2022. In light of that, you may be getting ready to order inventory you plan to sell from now through late winter. As always, it helps to stay ahead of the game in terms of styles and models.

We are keeping an ear to the ground with the goal of helping our retailers stay on point. Over the last few weeks of reading style blogs and paying attention to what fashionistas are saying, we think that the following four styles will remain popular through mid to late winter, and possibly into spring:


You can’t go wrong with wholesale sunglasses most times. For some reason though, squares with metal frames are being talked about a lot right now. Maybe it’s the shape, but perhaps it is more the metal frames than anything else. Either way, we are seeing them pop up all over the internet as a style to look for through the winter.

Even though you might want to give a little more attention to metal frames, plastic frames will still sell. Just stay away from the bulky, extra thick plastic frames. They do not tend to do as well during the winter months.


Next up are octagonal name brand sunglasses wholesale for both men and women. Men were not buying octagons over the summer as much as wayfarers and aviators. But the winter months tend to change things. Both men and women should be buying octagons right through until next spring.

It might be a good idea to think of octagons with different colored lenses. Blues, ambers, and even a smoked gray model will probably do well. There may not be much call for octagonal sunglasses with extremely dark lenses.


If your clientele leans more heavily toward the men, definitely consider selling pilots through late winter. Pilots are just aviators with plastic frames instead of traditional metal. Frames can be standard black or any other color, but black seems to be the most popular among men.

It is not clear why this particular trend has caught on. It could be as simple as the fact that aviators have always been a popular style, but consumers are looking for something a bit different. They stick with the same shape for the lenses but trade metal frames for plastic. It is as reasonable an explanation as anything else.


The winter months tend to bring out mirrored zonnebril heren for winter sports. That being the case, be sure to keep a good inventory of mirrored wraparounds for the skiers, snowboarders, and ice skaters in your community. The lenses should be polarized as well, otherwise, sun glare off snow and ice is problematic.

Semi-rimless wraparounds are particularly popular with weekend warrior athletes. They tend to appreciate brightly colored frames rather than basic black. Look for greens, reds, and blues. The brighter the better.

As always, we do our best to maintain the widest possible selection of sunglasses in the U.S. As a sunglasses wholesaler, we take your business very seriously. We understand that we only succeed when you do well. Therefore, we strive to carry all the latest models your customers want.

Please come back and visit our site as often as you can. We continually adjust and update our inventory to coincide with the latest trends. Between all our brands and styles, we have something for every customer on your radar.