what colour eyeshadow for blue eyes

If you are looking for what color eyeshadow for blue eyes then you must know that you could use eyeshadow according to your eye colour? Yes, you read that right! You can learn what works for you through different experiments or after watching videos on YouTube for guidance. It’s universally known that makeup is a women’s weapon, and if used right then, she can rule over her insecurities and confidently rock the colours she’s wearing. The best way to use eyeshadow is by putting on colours that highlight your eye colour to bring out your eyes. You use specific colours on specific areas according to the look you want to achieve. The debate over powder eyeshadow versus creamy eyeshadow is a whole other topic. Let’s start with what colour eyeshadow matches your eye colour.

Eyeshadow Colour You Should Use For Brown Eyes

When it comes to people with brown eyes, they can easily rock any colour of eyeshadow they put on. The dark colour of their eyes complements the different available colours in an eyeshadow palette. Neutral colours highlight brown eyes elegantly; bronze and gold do this job well. Purple, blues, and golden shades add a touch of colour to brown eyes, making them look bold. Regardless of what colour you choose with brown eyes, it will look bomb with your eyes! Dark eyeshadow will make your brown eyes look fierce and bold, while light colour eyeshadows will make your eyes give off an innocent look.

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Eyeshadow Colour You Should Use For Hazel Eyes

It’s a shocker how you’d expect light colour eyeshadows to complement hazel eyes, but that’s not necessarily true. Hazel-coloured eyes have gold hues that spark up using dark eyeshadow colours like purples, browns, greens, and golds. It is also a trick makeup artists use on their models to make their makeup look on their models focus on the eyes and how their eye colours complement the colours the makeup artists use. The eyeshadow colours makeup artists use for hazel-coloured eyes are popping. When going for a less drastic look, makeup artists use eyeliner with lighter colours such as brown and charcoal, making the eyes seem warm and welcoming.

Green Eyes And The Eyeshadow You Should Be Using

Like hazel-coloured eyes, green-coloured eyes would look great with purple colour eyeshadow. Why is this so? The green will contrast best with dark colours making the green-colour eyes pop up. Dark eyeshadows make you omit eyeliner, but when looking for simple go-to makeup, then a simple light colour, brown or charcoal, goes well for any formal event. When using dark colour eyeshadows, we can see how they best complement green-coloured eyes by adding colour. You can notice such justice in warm tones with reds, oranges, and golds.

What Colour Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are vibrant naturally, making them require little makeup accentuate. The vibrancy doesn’t mean we completely cut off the use of colours. There are always colours that come in handy. Orange undertones in eyeshadow colours make blue-coloured eyes pop in all the right ways! Blue eyes have an aura to them already, and people with blue eyes should use neutral, warm colours like grays and browns to complement them. So now what colour eyeshadow for blue eyes should be simple to match them with your coffin nails.

What Is The Rarest Eye Colour?

The rarest eye colour of hazel, brown, blue, and green seems to be green. Green-coloured eyes seem to be only in 2% of the world’s population. After that, we have hazel coming in second rarest of these. brown is the most common eye colour, with blue-coloured eyes being second most common. Gray-colored eyes have been classified under the category incorrectly, but with the new classifications, they have been determined to be their standard colour. This rarety makes gray-colored eyes the new top rarest eye colour on the list.

Eye colours make you appear distinctive when your eye colour is rare, but this goes beyond appearance. According to studies in science, rarety might tie your eye color to health concerns or benefits. Women with light-colored eyes seem to be better able to withstand pregnancy pain than those with darker eye colors. Still, studies also showed that people with darker eyes might have a reduced risk of hearing loss unrelated to age. According to studies, lighter eyes like blue have associated with type1 diabetes, and light-colored eyes also indicate an increased risk of macular degeneration. Eye color plays a significant role in appearance and adds to a person’s personality. If you have anisocoric, albinism, heterochromia, and green or gray eye color, you can confidently state that you have rare eyes.