Coffin Nails- What are the Most Popular Acrylic Coffin Nails?

coffin nails

Considering the long-existing popularity of the square and round-shaped nails, it is now time to revitalize the nail shape and bring in another appealing design like coffin nails to style them up. This new shape is the Coffin nails, as the bottom of this shape bears a resemblance to a coffin. 

There is another name for it, Ballerina nails, for the longer length with a striking tip that looks like a pointy-toe ballerina shoe. It is tapered but does not have a sharp point. This new shape is an escape from the boring regular designs and makes the nails unique, stylish, and modern. 

It has captivated a lot of attention among superstars and style icons worldwide. The shape has a very feminine air. However, the most intriguing feature of coffin nails has surfaced as being a versatile choice for different available nail lengths. The design can be framed on natural nails or acrylics and equally well on long and short nails.  

Coffin nails were introduced to the world around early-mid of the 90s. It was around the moment when another shape, short squoval nails, had made its mark as the newest nail design trend and was a chic statement for people. These designs of the 90s are still deemed stylish for the world like fabletics shorts.

 Let’s explore what are the most popular Acrylic nails are the talk of the town these days.

Popular Acrylic Coffin Nails

People who do not like or have the time to grow their nails and then shape them in this particular style but still want the style on their nails have an option that can save the day. Acrylics are the best alternatives and offer quality results as well. Interestingly, they coordinate very well with different hues and nail art styles.

There is a wide range of options, but we have gathered the most popular ones here that can serve as an inspiring option for your next manicure. 

1- Mood for Nude

Sometimes, simplicity is attractive, and that is true in the case of nude acrylic coffin nails, making rounds around the world even with their minimal look. The soft and calming nude shades on the acrylics are eye-catching for a regular day manicure and formal meetings where you want to make an impression. If you prefer to wear accessories on your hands, like rings and bracelets, and want to bring attention to them, the safer choice is to opt for nude shades as neither will be overshadowed by the other. The subtle and small effort will make you earn a lot of compliments. 

2- French-ing the Coffin Nails Up

French tips have always been classic. They are fashionable and sophisticated and have been the style icon for nail art patterns for as long as we can remember. Adding a French tip to the acrylic coffin nails is just a cherry on the top and another look for nails that are high in demand these days. But if you are not feeling the spirit for the regular white tips and want to add in some twist, there are striking choices like bold and neon colors. Still, if you want to be a little extra with your fashion statement, adding symbols of seasons such as snowflakes and florals is the way to go. 

3- Make it Matte

On the days when you want to be formal but keep the edge of trendy intact in your style, then matte nail shades for this particular acrylic nail design are the perfect pick for you. Matte nail shades will be your best friend, saving you from going over-whelming when you don’t want to.

These shades on the acrylics will give the necessary toned-down, clean, neat, and yet trendy air to your hands. They will not attract too much attention, but if you want attention without being loud, bright and bold colors can be opted for. 

4- Ombre the Boring Nails

Another look for acrylic coffin nails which is selling like hotcakes is the ombre pattern that adds the element of playfulness when you feel like it. It blends in darker and lighter tones in a specific direction; from bottom to top. Different shades, such as pink, lilac, and orange, mixed together, offer a stunning final look for both versions of this nail design; the longer ones and shorter ones. 

 Final Words:

Coffin nails can transform your whole look with its exciting range. It can help you become and manifest the version of yourself you wish to be, whether for a day or for decades. You have the liberty to be chic, bold, sophisticated, or classic—maybe all at once. So what the wait is for, go & get the acrylic coffin nails of your choice or LAVENDER PURPLE OMBRE NAILS – THE HOTTEST TREND RIGHT NOW