Top 4 Fitness Clothing Brands To Look Out For in 2022

stronger gym wear

Everyone wants to look good when they’re in the gym, feeling confident about how they look will help motivate you to workout. Below are 5 brands that offer high-quality garments that are guaranteed to get you inspired for your next intense regimen. If you are struggling back to the gym this january that sure as heck it is going to feel so much better rocking up in the gym looking amazing in your cool fitness gear? Maybe you don’t feel quite right yet about buying a really nice tight outfit and you want to promise yourself a treat when you achieve your health and fitness goals in the coming months.

Why not have a look at these cool fitness brands who have long lasting style and quality and make yourself a promise to buy yourself a gym outfit as a treat as soon and you are feeling back to your slinky self?


Fabletics is a clothing brand that specializes in activewear. It is a part of a company called JustFab, which was founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics offers several different products, including leggings, shoes, short, jackets and even great a maternity wear. Many people have praised the quality of the clothes while some have complained about their high cost.

There are great offers like 2 for 24, which means two items for £24 if you sign up to their subscription VIP offer. High-Waisted PureLuxe Maternity Leggings are on this deal, which is really handy if you need a few pieces of comfort to wear in the later stages of pregnancy.

The fabletics UK sale is on right now with shoes to be found for under £15. The prices really do feel very tempting, but remember to get the best prices you have to sign up for monthly deliveries. the fabletics sports bra has great review and can also be found on the 2 for 24 offer with the highly reduced VIP rates and prices too.


Lululemon is a well-known brand for fitness clothing. This company specializes in making workout clothes that you can wear to the gym and also wear outside of the gym. They have a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. They have also more recently began carrying more fitness accessories like a functional backpack, lululemon bag and in the words of the US they also sell the fanny pack – which is another way of saying bum bag for those based in the UK.

Lululemon shorts for men and women are especially great in the cut and fit. of high note is also the quality of the leggins which will last for several years looking just as good as the day they were bought. lululemon is expensive for sure but with continual new designs and regular restock of designs this brand is highly recommended as one on the leading fitness brands.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a UK-based fitness apparel company that offers high-quality, functional gear for people who lead an active lifestyle. They specialize in making clothes that are versatile and comfortable. For example, there is a wide variety of leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, cardigans, etc

In recent years it has become at this time of year widely sought after for sweaty betty ski and the base layer legging and tops which are some of the most stylish to get you seen on the slopes. There is also a full sweaty betty ski jumpsuit which looks as good as anything by moncler. This brand has not quite made it to the USA in full yet burt certainly stores like Nordstrom can be seen in their larger outlets to carry some stock.


You want clothing that is comfortable, looks good on you, and is made of high-quality materials. Some companies are now offering clothing engineered to resist tearing. If you are training hard, these clothes will last longer so you don’t have to worry about them starting to fall apart during your workouts. Stronger is such a funky european brand known for their wild prints and striking colours. If you are looking to get noticed at the gym then this Swedish company will be perfect for the exhibitionists amongst you.


If you need a bit of motivation to get back to the gym this year then a present of a new outfit is the way to go. Get something ordered now in the size that you want to be and use your new gym outfit as motivation next time you are tempted by too much cake! You might even look so amazing that your boyfriend surprises you with an opal ring this valentines day.