Opal Jewelry: Things You Need To Know While Shopping For It


Opals are stunning and one of the must-add gemstones to your collection. They have a wide range of color patterns and flashes of colors. Every opal is unique and looks different from the other stone. The color patterns look like the solidified glow of a diamond, and hence the gemstone goes with almost every color outfit quickly. It is a highly sought-after gemstone by gem collectors as opal jewelry has the perfect appeal for both a statement and fine piece of jewelry and is used in a fashion accessory.

Since the love for silver has never faded, jewelry lovers look for opal in silver metal. Silver has its health benefits as it fights infections and illnesses in the body. Moreover, it is the safest metal for people with sensitive skin. People from ancient times have preferred silver over other metals for a long time. In addition, silver is quite affordable among the metals used for fine jewelry.

Color Of The Gemstone

The darker tone of opal is most desirable. Black opals are considered valuable in the market. When the color of opal is intense, its color flashes also look more prominent. When it comes to the color of a gemstone, factors like rarity also play their role. So, if you love the milky and off-white color of opal, then don’t hesitate to buy these, as buyers also demand neutral colors of the gemstone very often as these have a minimal look.


The ones with the brightest and more obvious flashes of color are most valuable and desirable. The flashes of the color of an opal look like that of the prismatic shine of a diamond. Romans called the gem a “precious stone.” When you wear an opal pendant against a black dress, the contrast brings liveliness to the attire. Its flash of colors adds glamour to even a dull dress.

Patterns On The Gemstone

One can find patterns on the stones which look gorgeous and attract jewelry enthusiasts. The ones with large size patterns are considered more valuable. These patterns are present due to the deflection of colors. These patterns of the gem look fabulous in a jewelry piece. An opal necklace is considered for its statement look.

Carat Weight

Unlike a diamond, this factor does not determine the value in the case of opal. The size of the opal is just a matter of choice. The large size of this gem can make for a show-stopper opal bracelet. A cocktail opal ring can also be a good idea when you don’t want to wear too much jewelry but still want to get that attention.

What Can The Wearer Expect From This Gemstone?

The gemstone is known for boosting creativity. It is a fantastic gemstone to help with emotional balance. Being an amplifying stone, it promotes the positive traits of a person. It enables the wearer to get rid of the negative emotions and brings calmness, and eases stress. It also helps with a good night’s sleep keeping nightmares away. The gem is also associated with passion and love. Known as the stone of abundance, it brings good luck, prosperity, and good health. It is the birthstone for people born in October.


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