simplify your wardrobe

Oh no! There are a lot of clothes in my closet, but none go together, half of them do not fit, and it takes me 20 minutes to choose an outfit that I do not like? Can you relate? You should have fun getting dressed. It would make me happy to have multiple cute outfits in my closet that I can pull out whenever I want to! You can do it do, and here is the best tips to simplify your wardrobe.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

Do you need help getting started? It is essential to know how to keep your wardrobe fresh and full of love, quality pieces, so you are always wearing something great. Here is how you can do that:

1.    Get Rid of Clothes That Don’t Fit

There are just five more pounds to go before you can fit into your favorite pants from college. You can remember how they looked in college, or the store, or your head. And I don’t think it’s time to stop living healthier. You need to have a longer-term motivation for living a healthier lifestyle if you want to fit into those pants.

2.    Organize Seasonal Clothing Items to simplify your wardorbe

You should remove items that you haven’t worn in over a year and move seasonally appropriate items like heavy coats to a closet so you can access them easily. Avoid cluttering your everyday closet by removing seldom-worn seasonal items.

3.    Go Easy on the Statement Pieces

In a Real Simple piece about a well-balanced wardrobe, it was suggested to focus on basics. Make sure you have staples like black pants, versatile tanks, and basic blouses, then purchase patterned pieces and statement pieces to dress up your wardrobe. Each day will be more leisurely when you have the basics to get ready.

4.    Simplify Your Accessories

For special events and occasions, I used to keep so much jewelry. For everyday wear, I wore the same piece almost every day. Jewelry can enhance an outfit. Due to my simple wardrobe, I believe jewelry can also improve an outfit. Moreover, I own only three purses: a tiny neutral canvas bag, a bright red bag, and a purse made from seat belts. When choosing accessories, look for those that compliment your current accessories!

5.    Pick A Number to Simplify Your Wardrobe

To experiment with creating a capsule wardrobe, select ten items to move aside in your closet for a few days or a week.

  • My personal experience started with…
  • T-shirts (four)
  • A pair of pants
  • A jacket and a coat
  • Two skirts
  • Shorts

6.    Create A Transition Area

After I’d whittled this down considerably, I created a “transition area” for items I wanted to get rid of. There’s no point in decluttering so much that you’re forced to purchase more. To get rid of questionable items from your closet, remove them from sight and out of mind. You may be able to discard them if you don’t revisit them after a few months.

7.    Reorganize Your Closet

  • Organize Shoes: When I did, I realized only one shoe rack was necessary instead of two, which freed up a lot of space.
  • Put long Items: It sounds simple, but I hadn’t done this until recently, and my closet has never looked so tidy.
  • Organize Shirts By Color: It helps me to put outfits together quickly.
  • Organize Shirts By Type: This allows me to dress quickly and efficiently for the weather.


You shouldn’t feel like you have nothing to wear in a closet bursting with clothes, and deciding what to wear every morning shouldn’t add to your stress. Try implementing some or all of these tips this weekend, and I bet you’ll feel better when you open your closet doors every day.