Roller Blinds vs. Venetian Blinds

Roller Blinds vs. Venetian Blinds

Tossing up between roller blinds and Venetian blinds unsure of which is best? We get it. In fact, there are so many types of blinds to choose from today that it can feel very overwhelming. Granted it may not seem like the most exciting purchase to make, but you will be when you see the difference they make. Not only do the right blinds improve your living spaces and home, they also enhance your quality of life.

They have also come a long way. Automated blinds or smart blinds for instance are a common feature, and widely seen as a luxury addition. They can be remote-controlled or operated via your smart device, for superior functionality. This makes them quite handy for those hard-to-reach windows too.

Roller blinds are the very foundation of window furnishings. Today, they are available in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns. Excitingly, they can also be paired with others. Roller blinds with sheer curtains for instance, is a highly favoured combination. 

So to help make life easier, here are both roller blinds and Venetian blinds broken down according to looks and functionality. This includes the all-important duo, light and privacy. Then it dives into some commonly asked questions.

Roller blinds

A roller blind consists of a single piece of fabric hung on a roller. When custom-made, they can be cut according to the size required for the ideal fit. Their simple structure makes them a no-fuss, convenient option. 

  • Light control

These blinds are hailed for their simplicity, but on the other hand it does limit them in what they can do. For instance, they can only be raised and lowered to various heights. This is the only way you can control light. You can also either open them up to let light flow in fully or vice versa.

  • Privacy

Of course roller blinds do allow you to maintain privacy, but again it is either one or the other. By raising them up completely you open yourself up to the world, and by closing them you get 100% privacy. However, you can also leave them at the midway mark for a balance of light and privacy. 

  • Looks

Despite only being made out of one layer of fabric, roller blinds come in a range of variations. From different textures to fabric types, thicknesses, opacity, colours and patterns, they are highly customisable. Unlike roller blinds at Bunnings which may be convenient but common, custom-made roller blinds can be unique and draw attention. Match them to the walls, furniture or artwork for a thematic effect.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a whole other ball game. For starters, they look and function nothing like roller blinds. They come in timber and timber-look variations, and consist of individual-controlled slats. They are simply classic, classy, and timeless. 

  • Light control

The slats on Venetian blinds are linked to cords. These cords rotate the slats, which in turn control the amount of light that comes in. The tilting functionality of the slats makes these blinds highly practical. They are especially great for rooms that deal with different light levels through the day. 

  • Privacy

Again thanks to their signature slats, Venetian blinds also offer precision when it comes to privacy. You can either for 100% by closing the blades up tightly, or adjust what you need by angling them. The good thing is that you get to also let some light in, instead of shutting it out completely. This does trump over the roller blinds’ ‘all or nothing’ approach.

  • Looks

As mentioned above, Venetian blinds are chic, classy and sophisticated. They have the ability to instantly transport a room into another time and place. They are timeless and as they are typically in neutral colours, match pretty much any theme and design. Wood tones and whites are more common than bold shades, which you’d be hard-pressed to find.

Are roller blinds better than Venetian blinds? 

This is a tough one to answer directly. Comparing roller blinds with Venetians is like comparing apples with oranges as they are so vastly different. They are also incredibly unique in their own way.

This means that they also suit different homes and tastes. For instance, roller blinds are fantastic for making a bold statement with a bright colour. They can tie a room together beautifully and even come in a range of patterns for the kids. You can choose from roaring dinosaurs to fun unicorn and glow-in-the-dark star prints to name a few.

Venetians admittedly do not offer exciting options like these, and are more for grown-up tastes. However, they are certainly superior when it comes to functionality. They offer utmost precision when it comes to light and privacy control, which is great for any home. As with anything, each of these blinds have their own pros and cons. It is all about what suits your individual needs best. 

Are roller blinds cheaper than Venetian blinds?

The short answer is yes. Roller blinds are a very simple set-up with simple designing, and this makes them more cost-effective. So if you cannot yet afford Venetian blinds, roller blinds will be a good in-between choice for you. If you like more control over light and privacy, why not consider day/ night roller blinds? Also known as double-roller blinds, these blinds easily do the trick. Simply pair a blockout fabric with a secondary sunscreen/ light filter fabric that will diffuse light while maintaining privacy. Views from the outside-in and vice versa can be controlled with the right fabric choice, giving you more choice. 

One important thing to bear in mind though, is that motorized blinds are more expensive than regular ones. However, they are incredibly convenient and significantly improve your way of life. They are widely used in real estate properties for their luxe look and feel.

Which blinds are most fashionable?

If you mean what is in style currently, it would likely be Venetian blinds. This is because of their minimalist and neutral design. They easily blend in with many interior design schemes, from traditional to contemporary and more. People love being able to change their furniture and other details, without having to change their blinds everytime. Seeing as how they are an investment, blinds tend to be a mainstay in most homes and last a while. So something that can keep up with changing design trends is favourable. 

Whether you buy roller blinds online or Venetians that are custom-made, ensure you measure right. Measuring is key to a beautiful fit. Not only does it help with looks, it also helps insulate better. So make that the most important step in your process.