8 Simple Ways to Incorporate Autumn/ Winter Décor into Your Home

autumn and winter home trends

If you’ve been on Instagram in recent years, you likely have seen more and more celebrities and influencers showing off their cosy autumnal and wintry homes. If you’d like to treat your house to the same kind of energy, this article is a great place to start! Here are some top autumn and winter home trends you can incorporate into your own abode.


Autumn is a beautiful season visually; nearly a quarter of Brits claim it’s their favourite, so it makes sense why we’re seeing an increase in people choosing to include autumn-esque décor in their homes soon as October hits. Take a slice of the great outdoors and see how the colours and cosiness improve your mood. 

Front door wreaths – Autumn

We naturally associate front door wreaths with the festive season. The presence of a wreath on the door was a Christian symbol of welcoming the spirit of Christmas. While this still rings true for many people, some use a wreath purely for the decorative touch.

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in people creating and proudly displaying autumnal wreaths on their internal and external doors. This ornamental item can be made from the orange, brown, and yellow leaves we so often associate with the season, and they can make a striking entrance to your home.

Due to the influx of interest, many home retailers have started selling variations, such as The Range and Not on the High Street, but making your own is also a simple task. Impress guests and passers-by with a dazzling wreath this autumn.

Table dressing – Autumn 

Instagram has well and truly given autumnal table dressings a platform to shine this year. For many of us, dressing our dining table with anything more than some nice placemats, and perhaps a vase of flowers, probably never crossed our mind. Well, this is your sign to sprinkle some autumn beauty on your dining table.

Lay an orange or brown runner across the table and choose some autumn flowers to make a statement at the centre. From there, dress with foliage, candles, and ceramics, and don’t forget to snap a picture for Instagram!

Table display – Autumn 

Autumn is heavily associated with Halloween, which could give you further inspiration for your autumnal home décor. When creating a table display, you could incorporate spooky features such as pumpkins, skeletons, and witches. If you have little children in the house, this decision will likely go down a treat.

In addition to eerie ornamentations, you could lay down some artificial autumn leaves for a natural, earthy feel alongside rustic accessories and some orange, red, and brown candles. Try to position your display table in the hallway near the front door so that it’s the first thing guests notice when they arrive.

Garden – Autumn 

Your garden won’t need much manual labour as Mother Nature will take care of most of it, but there are some little touches you can add to create an autumnal dreamland. Don’t be in a hurry to rake and get rid of any colourful leaves that may drop from your trees, as their presence on the ground only helps to enforce the magical setting.

Add some outdoor lanterns, fairy lights, pumpkins, and rustic ornaments on the paths and near the trees. If you’d like to add some pops of colour, you could experiment with potted plants such as Rudbeckia, Sedium, and Aster.


When we think about wintry home décor, we likely imagine furnishings and ornaments associated with Christmas, but there’s more you can do beyond the tinsel and Santa Claus. With the right kind of guidance, you could wake up each morning, alphabet mug in hand with the day’s first coffee, and wander through your winter wonderland. 

Front door wreaths – Winter

As discussed above, front door wreaths are heavily correlated with Christmas, so you might not stand out as much with a wintry wreath. However, you can put a unique spin on yours to establish some individualism. 

Add some sparkling lights, enhance with lettering or a chalkboard sign, and incorporate your favourite bright colours amongst the traditional whites and greens. If you do want to create more of a festive atmosphere, you could include cinnamon sticks, feathers, and baubles. 

Table dressing – Winter

You don’t have to wait until Christmas Day lunch to decorate your dining table. The moment we’re engulfed in the winter season, you can dress your table to create a cosy feel for all meals. Position a garland in the centre of the table and add candle holders, pinecones, and some twinkling lights. 

To go one step further, add lanterns around the table at varying levels; tall lanterns can sit on the floor in the corner of the room, with smaller lanterns perched on shelves or on the table itself. To set a snug mood for a Friday night stew or curry, have only the lanterns glowing while you eat.

Table display – Winter

A warm, homey hallway needs a decorative table to wow guests and visitors. Even the person delivering your parcels should be treated to an awe-inspiring winter masterpiece! As Christmas is around the corner, you could adorn the table with relevant ornaments in the shape of snowmen, wrapped gifts, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

If you want more of a generic winter table display, leave the festive ornaments until closer to the big day and instead experiment with garlands, white flowers, tea lights, and artificial snow. 

Garden – Winter

Our garden tends to become a quiet, dormant place in the winter, a stark contrast to the kind of love and action it sees in the summertime. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Decorate your garden appropriately, and you can enjoy a frosty dreamworld that would look great on social media!

Hang fairy lights from the fences and walls, and experiment with another outdoor lighting such as lanterns and lampposts. As wintertime in the UK means shorter days and longer nights, good lighting is crucial. To further create a winter wonderland, sprinkle artificial snow on grass and tree branches and plant winter favourites such as mahonia and pansies.

The details make the design

Any good interior designer can tell you: “The details aren’t the details. The details are the design.” You have the power to completely transform your home by adding a few simple touches this autumn and winter. This year is all about creating a safe, cosy space that emanates warmth and encourages relaxation. By embracing these décor tips, we have a feeling you’ll do exactly that.