Smart Smoke Detectors: Why They Are Important

smart smoke detectors

Smart devices for households have become a major requirement in the past few years. These devices include things like smart doorbells, smart door locks, smart sprinklers and even Smart Smoke Detectors. Smoke detectors have always been an essential part of any American household. Considering how nowadays many home products have moved away from their traditional style and converted into smart devices. Similarly, smoke detectors have also adapted to the changes and feature smart technology as well.

You must be wondering, why are smoke detectors an essential part of households though? Not like anybody pays much attention to these, nor do we always need them around, right? Well, according to the US Fire Administration, a third of all household fires occur in homes without a working smoke detector, and the risk of casualties in a house fire is reduced by half in households that do have a functioning smoke detector.

Why You Should Get a Smart Smoke Detector

1. Remote Access and Real-Time Alerts

Smoke detectors are important when it comes to saving your home and your loved ones’ lives. The biggest advantage of having a Smart Smoke Detector is that it can be controlled remotely via its mobile application, while also being compatible with some voice assistants.

The detector can easily alert you if it detects any smoke or traces of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide leaks, when you’re away from home. Some Smart Smoke Detectors are also equipped with alerting the fire department as well – providing you with complete safety overall to keep your home safe around the clock.

2. Points Exactly To Where the
Problem Is

Additionally, Smart Smoke Detectors have the ability to point out exactly where the smoke or potential danger has been detected through mobile alerts and like with the Google Nest Protect, voice alerts too. This enables the user to identify what the most dangerous area might be in terms of evacuating themselves and their family members if need be.

3. They Are Interconnected

Smart Smoke Detectors can be interconnected to other Smart Smoke Detectors around the premises – wired ones to be precise. This makes them very useful especially if you have a large house or more than one level or a basement. If one smoke detector detects any traces of smoke or a carbon monoxide leak, all the connected smoke detectors will alert you to the danger, and where it may be coming from, just in the nick of time.

4. Easy to Switch off Alarms

Unlike traditional smoke detectors that can become a nuisance when it comes to cooking, like being triggered by a hot pan for instance, people tend to remove the batteries while cooking which can become dangerous since most household fires are a result of cooking malfunctions – and often times we can forget to place the batteries back in as well. However, with a smart smoke detector, false alarms can easily be shut off via their mobile applications.

Traditional smoke detectors do constantly beep, sometimes even at random hours of the night, whenever the battery is low and needs a change. Just like switching off false alarms for Smart Smoke Detectors is easily done through their mobile app. Similarly, the low battery alarms can also be silenced from the app.

With Smart Smoke Detectors such as the Google Nest Protect, given that it is connected to your smartphones and tablets, users can simply hush a false alarm, without having to manually do it themselves from the device. Since the Google Nest Protect can also detect the different wavelengths of light, it can alert the user if the fire is either a fast-burning one or a smoldering fire.

5. Wider Range Covered

With traditional smoke detectors and their limited range of detection, people usually end up placing them above or near their stoves. With the introduction of Smart Smoke Detectors, that cover a wider area, you aren’t restricted as to where to place smoke detectors for efficient detection. According to the NFPA, you can place smoke detectors 10 feet away from stoves and ovens – and given that Smart Smoke Detectors are well equipped to pick up on any danger, you won’t have to worry about your device not doing the job.

6. Detects Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Smart Smoke Detectors can help you detect rising carbon monoxide levels in your house. Due to the odorless and tasteless nature of carbon monoxide, it is essentially undetectable without a proper device and a leakage in your home can be quite lethal. Smart Smoke Detectors can monitor and alert users of any presence of carbon monoxide levels in their house and keep them safe.

Myriads of Benefits

The above six reasons are enough to prove to you why you should get Smart Smoke Detectors for your home, and if you have any smoke detectors installed already it is best to check that they are functioning – or better yet replace them with smart ones!

Knowing where to place a smoke detector is also a factor that plays a vital role in home safety. It is recommended by the NFPA to place smoke detectors in areas such inside as well as outside bedrooms, the kitchen, stairwell and basement too if there is one. This would ensure that your home is protected perfectly; and imagine having Smart Smoke Detectors around the house, all interconnected – there is no doubt you could get any situation under control!