5 Shocking Reasons Behind Your Lash Fall

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No one wants their lashes to fall out. Sometimes, the small things that we knowingly and unknowingly do affects lash growth, makes them fragile and brittle, and many times makes them fall out.

Here is a list of 5 mistakes that people do to their lashes

  1. Using lash enhancing cosmetic products daily

Mascaras and curlers are the two widely used cosmetic tools in uplifting the appearance of natural lashes. Did you know that these two so-called lash fixes harm your natural lash line in a way that you cannot imagine? Here is why we say so –

Mascaras are a big threat for lashes

Mascaras are made out of water, waxes, oils, and pigments that coat each lash in a black paste, giving the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. Mascaras are quick remedies for rapidly darkening and lengthening your lashes. When left on overnight, mascaras really cause more harm than good to the natural lashes. When mascara is left on the lashes for an extended amount of time, the coating on the lashes becomes extremely stiff and inflexible. Even when you attempt to remove the so-stiff mascara coating on your lashes gently, the inflexible lashes readily snap and fall. Some substandard mascaras clog the hair shaft, suffocate the follicles, deprive them of nutrients resulting in lashes falling.

Using waterproof mascara is the worst thing you can do to your lashes. In addition to drying your lashes, waterproof mascara causes them to become fragile and break off. Also, it’s nearly impossible to remove waterproof mascara. When you rub vigorously to remove it, you will end up removing more than just a few lashes!


Curlers are generally used on natural lashes to give them a beautiful curly look. However, these curlers can pull out the lashes from the root when used in a hurry and if the right technique is not followed. To make the curls last longer, it is a common practice for people to heat the curlers before using them on lashes so that the curls on the lashes last for a longer time. Heated curlers and natural lashes do not get along well together, and a heated curler can make the lashes fall off prematurely.

Apart from using inappropriate cosmetic products on lashes, there are a few more factors that can make you lashes break and fall –

  1. Using expired eye cosmetics

Just as the food products, cosmetics too have an expiry date after which they should not be used. One of the crucial things when it comes to eye make products is usually overlooked by people. Particularly, the mascara bottles and brushes that we use become a breeding ground of bacteria when used for longer periods of time as the dark bottle and the moisture within it becomes so conducive for the germs. So, when you use such  bacteria laden products on your lashes, the lashes get infected at the root level and fall insanely. So, as a thumb rule, you should use a mascara bottle for only three months after opening it. So, the

Next time you decide to buy mascaras, choose the smaller sized bottles so that you can finish them off at the earliest.

  1. What you eat reflects in your lashes

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for lash growth, as well as for moisturizing and preventing lash fall and breakage. Vitamins A, C, and E are essential for healthy lash growth, just as they are for healthy hair on your head. It is best to eat a diet rich in protein, biotin, vitamins A and C, niacin, and iron in order to stimulate lash growth. Consider taking Zinc and Biotin supplements, and make sure your diet is well-rounded.

  1. Certain diseases can make your lashes fall out

While lash falls are usually seen as cosmetic issues, sudden drastic lash fallout can indicate an underlying health condition. Alopecia, blepharitis, trichotillomania, and autoimmune illnesses are all commoncauses of eyelash loss. Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease characterized by swelling at the hair follicle and resulting in eyelash loss, may be the cause of bald patches along the lash line. Inflammation of the eyes and hair follicles develops when oil glands near the lash line become clogged, resulting in blepharitis. There are a variety of therapy options for this condition, but the most common one is to use baby shampoo or specialized wipes to clean the eyelid margins and then apply topical antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs topically.

  1. Stress causes your lash to  fall

Our bodies release the stress hormone cortisol, which has a negative impact on our metabolic rate. Our lashes, brows, and hair on our heads can all be negatively affected by high levels of anxiety and stress. According to research, stress may be a contributing factor in the development of telogen effluvium, a temporary hair loss disorder that affects the scalp and can result in eyelash loss.

Now, that we have highlighted five reasons that are shockingly killing your lashes, go cold turkey on them. Instead, keep your lashes clean, gorge on a balanced diet, keep your stress levels low, and start using a 100% vegan lash growth serum that is formulated with advanced ingredients to revitalize the lashes and to foster new growth.