What Are The Types Of Contact Lenses And What Are Their Functions?

If you have been thinking that contact lenses are only for enhancing the style quotient of your eye, then you are extremely wrong. The right contact lenses have several benefits, including giving the right and clear vision, keeping your eyes safe from dirt and dust, and giving you major aesthetic benefits. You can use the everyday lenses and also the ones that you can use only once and then throw away. There are numerous types of lenses that are also available online, and you get the same-day dispatch methods and the payment procedures that will be good for you.

The right benefits that you get from contact lenses are as follows:

They give the right aesthetic variety:

Yes, if it is about increasing the style quotient along with your vision, then the right contact lenses can definitely help. You can wear transparent lenses and also the coloured lenses that match up your hair colour, dress and the overall look and presentation. You can contact any eye specialist who knows your ocular history and gives you the right lenses to suit your eye.

Help you to maintain overall visual health:

With the right contact lenses, you can always maintain your right visual health and get the best vision correction procedure that is possible. When you consult with the right ocular specialist, he will be able to tell you the ideas to correct your vision with the right contact lenses.

What are the types of contact lenses that you can get?

There are various types of contact lenses that are available in the market, soft lenses, daily wear lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, extended wear lenses, lenses that make use of orthokeratology and various other types that are suitable for your eyes.

  • Soft contact lenses are flexible, and they are made of soft plastic materials that allow oxygen to pass through and also do not have any detrimental effect on the eyes. You can wear them every day and also for special occasions. They are easier to adjust to and are more comfortable in nature.
  • The rigid gas permeable lenses are the ones that are more resistant and durable in terms of deposit build-up, and they do not have any negative effect on your eyes. They are not as soft as the normal soft contact lenses, and initially, when you wear them, they may take time to adjust.
  • There are also extended wear contact lenses that are available in the market, and they are also quite flexible in terms of getting the best comfort by wearing the contact lenses. You can check with an eye specialist, and the eye specialist can go for underlining which lens will be best for you.
  • Disposable contact lenses are also available, and you can also get different prices and a variety of options when it comes to using the disposable lens. There are frequent replacement facilities that are available, and for that, you need to talk to the ophthalmologist once to get the right lens for you.
  • For the disposable lenses, you can use and throw the lenses. There are disposable lens brands that are available in the market, and you can wear them for certain casual wear or style you look for occasions. There can be a prescribed time period throughout which you can keep wearing the contact lenses, which also helps in major orthoceratid treatments.

Before you go for buying contact lenses and the type of lenses you choose to wear, you need to check the price and the range of comfortability that the lenses offer. So, you can get the lenses from the major offline dealers and also from major online portals.