Crisis of Storing Oxygen Cylinder at Home during Pandemic


One of the things that we have become used to in recent times is oxygen cylinders at home. Yes, the covid-19 pandemic has us see what we never ever imagined. This virus has spread all over the world and affected millions of people. For this reason, people are afraid of this virus. They are trying to maintain social distance and follow all the rules given by WHO. However, sometimes they are overdoing it. One common example is buying an oxygen cylinder for home. Though doctors don’t suggest people buy oxygen cylinders for home, people are storing cylinders at home. This as a result creates a crisis that affects everyone in society.

Crisis in Healthcare System

The reason why people should not store oxygen cylinders at home is the crisis it creates for the healthcare system. The crisis affects everyone in the country. We all know that the general people of our country depend on the government healthcare system. If we continue bringing oxygen cylinders for home use there will be a severe shortage in the market. The healthcare centers will face So, we should think from the people’s perspective instead of thinking only from our perspective. We must stop storing oxygen cylinders immediately.

Price Hike

As people are storing a huge number of oxygen cylinders, there is a dire shortage in the market. As a result, we are facing a sudden price hike of oxygen cylinders. Out of nowhere the oxygen cylinder price in bd has gone sky-high. Many people cannot buy the same thing. But the need may be worse than the people who have stored oxygen cylinders for no reason. Most people of our country live a middle and lower-middle-class life. The price of the oxygen cylinder is out of their reach. But for rich people, it is not a big deal. The real victim is mainly poor people.

Children in Danger

When we store the oxygen cylinder at home we don’t only create risk for outside people by increasing price, but also for our own child. Children don’t know how to use the cylinders. They don’t have any idea about the required precautions while living in a home with an oxygen cylinder. That may start playing beside the oxygen cylinder. If they take the cylinder beside heat, then the cylinder will explode. All your effort to keep your family safe will go in vain. So, without proper

No Professional User

There is an extreme crisis of professional users of oxygen cylinders. Most people take oxygen to their homes without knowing the use of it. People associated with nursing services are trained in handling this type of medical equipment. However, in most cases, these types of people are not available around us. In our homes, there are no professional users of oxygen cylinders. So, we should not store oxygen cylinders for no reason.

Increase in Corruption

As the demand goes high for any product we see a rise in the price. This allures the greedy business person to create a syndicate to create a crisis in the market. They store the oxygen cylinders so that people face a lack of oxygen cylinders in the market. Not only this, even the government officials get connected with them as they work together in corruption. The root cause of this corruption is the idea of storing oxygen cylinders at home. Experts have found if people did not save cylinders for their personal use the crisis would not be as severe as it happened. The oxygen cylinder price in bd could also be stopped.

Death Race

The first wave of covid-19 did not hit our country as much as was expected. However, the second wave hit the south Asian country like a bomb. There was a long line of dead people in the graveyard. We saw a crisis of oxygen for people taking treatment in the hospital. One of the reasons behind that was the people who stored oxygen cylinders at their homes. However, we can save people from the death race if we stop storing oxygen. Otherwise, there will be a humanitarian crisis in the whole world. This is why we should stop storing oxygen in our homes.

Man-Made  Crisis

Covid-19 has brought a catastrophic situation to the whole world. The disaster has been continuing for the last 2 years. This is a natural pandemic. But we are not noticing the man-made crisis while looking only at covid-19. The man-made crisis is created by the people who are storing oxygen cylinders at home. They are only thinking about themselves. The thousands of people dying in hospitals are not important for them. They are over conscious about their own safety. To ensure a secure life they are creating a mess for other people.

Risk of Explosion

This is the most concerning part of this situation. When we bring an oxygen cylinder at home we have to use it with proper care. Incorrect use of oxygen cylinders can cause the cylinder to explode like a bomb. People around this may die. Moreover, we cannot understand if there is any leakage in the cylinder body. Only professional users can identify that easily. This type of accident can be life-threatening. Many people are dying every year because of the oxygen cylinder blast.


The crisis of storing oxygen cylinders at home during this pandemic can be extremely severe. We should not do this. Not that saving oxygen cylinder will save us from covid-19. The doctors also don’t suggest people do that. Because storing oxygen cylinders at home will not save us from the pandemic. Instead, we should be compassionate for each other. So that we can combat the pandemic together.


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