Styling Guide To Men’s Smart Casual

The common dress code for a modern office tends to be casual wear or smart casual, depending on the job. A lot of offices now have scrapped the idea of having to wear a suit in the office which is a good thing. However, when people read the words “smart-casual” they get very confused. Does this mean a shirt with jeans? Is it a shirt with pants? Do you wear shoes or trainers?

Smart casual isn’t just in the office either. There are many formal events now or wedding invitations that will ask for you to dress smart-casual. One thing that we suggest is that you do not overthink this style and go for something that you believe is smart-casual and what you are most confident wearing. Nonetheless, ask your friends and family to see what they are wearing so you do not underdress. Smart can be very confusing but hopefully, this guide will be able to describe what the smart casual style is all about.

What Is The Definition of Smart Casual?

This style is a combination of smart wear and casual wear. That is why it confuses so many people because casual wear can be very broad. A lot of people would consider their casual wear to be plain tracksuits or jeans with a t-shirt. So, how do you combine that style with a shirt or blazer?

Try not to overthink your outfit for smart casual. At the end of the day, it is a very simple style once you get the hang of it. We would advise you to wear something along the lines of a pair of jeans with a casual shirt. It does not need to be a corporate/ formal shirt. Keep it basic with a branded and fashionable casual shirt.

This style is normally mentioned in events that would like you to dress up but also have a more relaxed style to your overall outfit. A fantastic example of where you might get asked to dress smart casual is graduation, wedding reception or maybe even a fancy restaurant. A lot of places will ask for this style now which is so important to understand what it is.

Different Options of Smart Casual

There are many different versions of smart casual, it also depends on the venue that you are going to. The outfits that you would be wearing at a wedding reception will be very different to something that you might wear at a club or a restaurant. Before you decide on the outfit that you will be wearing for the night, take into consideration the venue that you will be going to.

For a wedding reception, wear a blazer along with a pair of pants but wear a t-shirt underneath to give it that casual style. A pair of black jeans can also be worn with a blazer and a t-shirt, just make sure that your shoes match the rest of your outfit. Depending on the colour of your blazer, you will also be able to wear a pair of dark blue denim jeans if that is the colour that you would prefer. If you wish to dress down, even more, take off the blazer and wear a bomber jacket.

When you are going out in the evening or night, going on a date to a restaurant, choose a bomber or Harrington jacket. Wear a pair of pants with this outfit this time and they can either be cropped or full length. If you wanted to, you can either wear chequered pants or just a solid colour such as grey or even navy. There are many variations that you can do with this style.


There are many wonderful styles to this amazing fashion trend. More and more places, as well as offices, are requesting for you to dress in the smart-casual style. Luckily for you, there are many variations of this style so it is something that you should not struggle with. Just remember to dress for the occasion and match the venue then you will not go wrong.