Helpful tips to prevent makeup from melting off your face

makeup won’t melt off your face

The change of seasons requires a slight change in our makeup and skincare routine. We’ll switch up our skincare products for lighter ones because warmer months are all about keeping things light, dewy and fresh. Hydration is something that always stays the same because our skin needs it all the time. The difference is in the type of products we will use. But one thing will always remain the same, and that’s long-lasting makeup. We all want our makeup to remain intact, sweatproof and like we’ve just put it on. Let’s see which steps are needed to ensure your makeup won’t melt off your face.

Clean your face just like you would always do

The first rule of proper skincare is to clean your face in the morning after you take off your makeup and before you go to slip. Hydration is the second rule, but we’ll discuss that shortly. The key to ensuring your makeup stays put is the clean canvas. Your face is your canvas, so treat it with the utmost care and massage it in a circular motion until it’s free of any sweat, dirt or sebum.

Hydrate your skin to perfection

This step is essential even if you decide to keep your face makeup-free for the day. On the other hand, it’s crucial to ensure your makeup stays put. The quality of products you use won’t matter if your skin is dry, patchy and is crying for a peeling. So, you have to be religious with your morning skincare, evening skincare and all other steps. This means that you should use hydrating products from hydrating tonics, serums, moisturisers, and sheet masks. If your skin looks dull and tired infuse your skincare with some vitamin C. Most importantly, hydrate your skin to perfection before you move to the next step.

Use an SPF

Now, this is the step many people forget, especially during the hotter months. But it should become a routine because UVA and UVB light is harmful to our skin. There are many lightweight SPFs that can be used even as a makeup base as they slightly mattify and blur your pores. Just wait a few minutes between product applications to ensure your skin sokes it up before you move to a primer.

Find a primer that suits your skin type

One reason why our makeup shines through is that we use products that aren’t suitable for our skin type. That’s where a primer suitable to your skin type plays an important role. It will prepare your face and ensure your foundation doesn’t wear off.  Find a primer that is more like a gel or any other lighter formula, and it will prepare your face for the next layer of makeup. You can also use sunscreen as your makeup base.

The foundation

It’s not about the heaviest foundation formula. It’s about the right foundation formula. If you expect your day to last longer than it usually does, you need a flawless face. Go for a waterproof foundation. The key here is to apply it in a thin layer and blot a tiny amount to your T zone or your cheeks if these tend to shine through the day. Dab everything into your skin with a beauty blender to ensure the right coverage and remove any excess product.

Prime your eyes as well

Just like you’ve used primer on your skin, it’s time to prime your eyelids before you put on any product. Eyeshadow primer will keep the eyeshadow from wearing off and fading as the day goes by. Another solution here is to use lightweight, creamy eyeshadow and get eyelash extensions that will emphasize your eyes without any heavy makeup. These extensions are a time saver, and they don’t flake all over your cheeks as mascara would. Your eyes will look magnetic, and your gaze will be captivating.

A touch of bronzer and blush

When it comes to bronzer and blush, ensure you apply it with a clean brush to not overdo it. Use a light touch and apply the product in a thin layer to achieve the effect you want. You can also use creamy blush you’ll just dab it on your cheeks instead of powdered blush, which is bound to fade.

Don’t forget a setting spray

The setting spray is simply a must if you want to take your makeup look from morning to evening. It helps set everything in place and lock it down until you’re ready to take your makeup off. You can also use a hydrating mist during the day for an added touch of hydration.

Lastly, keep blotting paper in your purse and simply blot away excess sweat or grease patches. Your skin will shine through, but you can easily fix this with blotting paper. Just dab the areas with light motions, and your face will look like you’ve just applied your makeup. Also, use a waterproof lipliner to ensure your lipstick doesn’t run over your lipline.

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