DGT Starts A Campaign To End Use Of Mobile Phones Behind The Wheel

Once the summer campaign is over and after a positive but still worrying balance , the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has put the major cause of death in Spain its first focus. From this Thursday, September 16, and until the next day 22 , traffic officers will monitor the use of mobile phones at the wheel as well as other common distractions to raise awareness of the danger it entails.

Distraction continues to be, for the fifth consecutive year , the most repeated cause of fatal accidents that occur on Spanish roads. More from the widespread use of the mobile phone, which has become the main responsible for this terrible fact, reaching 31% of all accidents .

For this reason, the Civil Guard and the municipal agents of some localities will put extreme vigilance in this use of technological devices while driving. In addition, the 216 cameras that the DGT has installed on the road , and already helped in the summer, will also sign all those reckless at the wheel.

Comparable to driving due to excess alcohol, looking at your mobile while driving (which means looking away) multiplies the risk of a fatal collision by four . In addition, talking while driving implies not having a constant speed, not maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and having a lower reaction capacity.

These are the fines for the use of the mobile
Reasons why handsfree are not risk-free , although they are allowed, unlike a mobile phone in hand. Fact that will be sanctioned, once the reform of the Traffic Law is approved , by the simple fact of holding a device whether or not it is turned on.

With up to 6 points and 200 euros, this action will be penalized in the coming months at the same level as the direct use of the mobile. Until now, this infraction is sanctioned with 3 points and 200 euros , so once the parliamentary groups give their approval, the withdrawal of points on the card will be multiplied by two.

The DGT will also monitor distractions from smoking at the wheel, tiredness or fatigue
For its part, the use of hands-free but there is distraction , such as the action of touching a GPS is also punishable. In your case with 3 points , the new regulations will not change this and will also maintain the 200 euros of financial penalty.

Finally, the DGT reminds that distraction by smoking, sleep or fatigue are other of the most recurrent distractions and that in the same way they will be monitored with special attention and will be sanctioned from this Thursday until next week.