CCOO Considers Measures Agreed For The Start Of The School Year Clearly Insufficient

The CCOO Teaching Federation considers the measures agreed in the Sectorial Conference for the beginning of the course “clearly insufficient” and warns the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, that it will organize mobilizations if a structural reform of the system.

In a statement after the aforementioned meeting between the Government and the autonomous communities, the union proposed more investment for a structural improvement of the educational system and demanded that the new minister “assume leadership” so that the autonomous communities have the necessary resources “to maintain low ratios in the classrooms and have educational reinforcements “.

For the union, “the educational system had very important deficiencies before the pandemic that it has greatly aggravated, especially for the most vulnerable students.” “The extra staff that was added last year has proven to be essential, although insufficient, and the effectiveness of low ratios to improve educational quality has become clear. The number of students per classroom should be a maximum of 20 at any educational stage, and for this we must maintain the hiring of the past year and increase them by at least 40,000, “said CCOO.

The federation believes that the agreements reached this Wednesday will allow the autonomies “to eliminate all the staff they consider and cut resources . ” “This situation is unaffordable if we want to confront the educational challenges that lie ahead with guarantees and carry out a development in all its extension of the Lomloe”, protested the union, which also sees “clearly inadequate the relaxation in security measures and health “in the face of the pandemic.

CCOO demanded that the Ministry of Education and the educational administrations “discard, once and for all, the cutback policies and, on the contrary, increase investment to structurally improve our educational system.”

Finally, the organization announced that “it will promote actions and mobilizations to ensure the maintenance and increase of the workforce, and the necessary educational and health measures.”